Lucas Rebelo

Lucas de Albuquerque Rebelo (b. 1991) is a Brazilian filmmaker. Born in Santarém, Pará, he moved to Belém do Pará, first to study Design at UEPA (State University of Pará), but his focus changed and soon he studied Multimedia Production at UFPA (Federal University of Pará) and a specialization in Audiovisual Production by Estácio / IESAM (Institute of Higher Education of the Amazon).

He started in cinema in 2018, while studying his specialization, when I helped produce three short films of dance and movement. In fact, it is kind of difficult to say precisely when it started to work in cinema, since the desire to work in the field came slowly over the years: for example, his first script, the not yet produced “Vaca” (Cow) , date of 2014.

His work focuses on experimental cinema with an emphasis on slow cinema, metacinema and abstract cinema. The most recurring themes are memory and forgetfulness, different perspectives on reality and self-perception. He is the creator of a cinematographic manifesto called Disfilme, which discusses the film that talks about the production of the film itself. The audiovisual products that will come out of this study will be produced and launched in the near future.

So far (2020) his filmography comprises three short films, a documentary feature and a web series (which is still being released). In addition to being a filmmaker, Lucas Rebelo also works with music, photography, digital art, all with a greater focus on experimentalism.


Uma miríade de ideias (2019): short film

Ninguém percebe (2019): short film

Por que tão estranho? (2019): essay short film

Dias esquecíveis [parte.2] (2019): featured documentary

Lentidões amazônicas (2020 - ): web serie



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