Klaus Wyborny

Klaus Wyborny (b.June 5, 1945 in Bittkau bei Magdeburg; lives and works in Hamburg) is a German filmmaker, producer, film director, actor, cameraman and screenwriter, known for his experimental films.

Life and work Klaus Wyborny studied from 1963 to 1970 Theoretical Physics at the University of Hamburg and the Yeshiva University in New York City.

Wyborny was co-founder in 1968, with Hellmuth Costard, Thomas Struck, Werner Nekes, Helmut Herbst, Werner Grassmann, and others, of the Hamburger Filmmacher Cooperative, which took the New American Cinema as an example and would develop an European version of American underground cinema. He worked for the literary journals BOA VISTA and Henry, and was co-founder of the 'Hamburger Filmgespräche'.

Klaus Wyborny participated with others in the Documenta 5 in Kassel in 1972 with Das abenteuerliche, aber glücklose Leben des William Parmagino, Dallas Texas - After the Goldrush, Chimney Piece and A Crowd in the Face, and Percy McPhee in the section Film review: New European Cinema on the Documenta 6 (1977). Wyborny participated in 1975, 1980-1982, 1986, 1992 and 1994 at the International Forum of New Cinema in Berlin. He was also several times (2002, 2005, 2010) represented at the Viennale Festival in Vienna. In 2003 he taught at the Academy of Fine Arts in Karlsruhe.

Writings Ausstellungskatalog: documenta 5. Befragung der Realität – Bildwelten heute; Katalog (als Aktenordner) Band 1: (Material); Band 2: (Exponatliste); Kassel 1972 documenta Archiv (Hrsg.); Wiedervorlage d5 – Eine Befragung des Archivs zur documenta 1972; Kassel/Ostfildern 2001, ISBN 3-7757-1121-X * Katalog zur documenta 6: Band 1: Malerei, Plastik/Environment, Performance; Band 2: Fotografie, Film, Video; Band 3: Handzeichnungen, Utopisches Design, Bücher; Kassel 1977 ISBN 3-920453-00-X



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