Essa Grayeb

Essa Grayeb is a Palestinian visual artist based in Jerusalem whose practice traverses a range of media, primarily photography, moving images and installation.
Some of Grayeb's works are made from objects, footage and sounds that already exist, which he appropriates and manipulates while constantly weaving in and out of reality and fiction.
Grayeb's work delves into narratives of the past and their contemporary interpretation, Often related to Arab nationalism and Pan-Arabism, his work originates from exploring elements connected to historical moments within the collective memory and forgetfulness and their manifestations in popular culture. His work questions the concept of "historical truth" and the ways events and stories are being told. How do we remember history,  What visual means are used to recount it, and who narrates it? What does the image purporting to remember the past for us conceal?

Grayeb earned his Master of Fine Arts degree from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in 2022, following his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 2019.
Grayeb’s work has been exhibited at the Palestinian Museum, PL (2022); Eyes Never Sleep, NY (2022); Emergent, BE (2021); The A.M. Qattan Foundation, PS (2018,2020,2022) Qalandiya International, Palestine (2018). Grayeb’s video works were screened in numerous film festivals and screening programs, including the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, Toronto Arab Film Festival, Indie Memphis Film Festival and the Arab Film Fest Collab.


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Palestinian Territory

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