Bastian Clevé

Bastian Clevé, born January 1, 1950 in Munich, is a German filmmaker and producer. He is Professor and Head of the Film Production-Department at the Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg in Ludwigsburg, Germany.

Biography Clevé grew up in Hamburg. After a two-year stint as sound-assistant at the TV-studios in Munich he studied Visual Communication in Hamburg at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Hamburg (University of Fine Arts of Hamburg) where he continued filmmaking and started winning awards. In 1975/76 he was awarded a one-year scholarship by the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD to study at the San Francisco Art Institute. He was touring with his experimental short films throughout the continent. After a brief return to Germany he relocated to Los Angeles in 1979 where he worked as a freelance writer, director and producer.

In 1991 he returned to Germany to become Professor and Head of the Department for “Film Production and the Business of Entertainment” at the newly established Film Academy Baden-Wuerttemberg in charge of the training program and the curriculum for motion-picture- and TV-producers. Clevé wrote and edited more than two dozens books on filmmaking and film production. He is married with a daughter.

Work Clevé started personal filmmaking in 1969 with short-films progressing into feature-lengths works. He sustained his efforts by winning awards and by touring and lecturing extensively throughout the world. Upon moving to Los Angeles he focused on the commercial side of filmmaking by picking up the craft of producing. He continued both his artistic and commercial filmmaking later on throughout his professorship in Germany.

His first DVD entitled Journeys contains Schau ins Land, Nachtwache, Lichtblick, Die Reise, Empor, Nach Bluff and Fatehpur Sikri.Bastian Clevé: Journeys provided by redavocado

Commercial filmmaking

Clevé's commercial filmmaking as a writer/director/producer has been for TV and as producer/production-manager/line-producer for German and American third party projects (Bagdad Café) or other contracted work. He has worked and produced throughout the world.

Oskar Fischinger – Life and WorkDie Familie Oppermann
Melodie einer Stadt: CaracasMelodie einer Stadt: BogotaMelodie einer Stadt: Saõ PauloMelodie einer Stadt: VancouverMelodie einer Stadt: Quebec City
Die experimentellen Filme des Bastian ClevéMelodie einer Stadt: Buenos AiresMelodie einer Stadt: Rio de JaneiroMelodie einer Stadt: Mexiko
Out of Rosenheim (aka Bagdad Café)
*Die verklärte Nacht

Honors and awards (selection) Lichtblick BMI-Award 1976 Empor German Film Award 1978 Am Wegerand German Film Award 1979 San Francisco Zephyr French Film-Critic’s Award, Hyères Filmfestival 78 Der Deutschlandfahrer BMI-Shortfilm-Award 1978 Exit Sunset Boulevard BMI-Screenplay-Award 1978 Das blinde Glück BMI-Screenplay-Award 1985 Sound of Eternity HD Fest DEFFY-Award 2006

Books (selection) 1989 The Art of Personal Filmmaking
1994 Film Production Management
1994 Interview: Philipp Glass
1997 1.Akademiekreis Production Value 1997 Development/Stoffentwicklung 1997 Cashing In – Chancen und Risisken privater Filmfinanzierungsfonds 1997 Wege zum Geld 1997 Drehen in Deutschland – Shooting in Germany 1998 Investoren im Visier 1998 Von der Idee zum Film 1999 Film Production Management
2005 Gib niemals auf – Filmökonomie in der Praxis




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