Santiago Vitale - Virulence (2021)


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Virulencia / 2021 / Super 8 / Color / 03'59'
Virulence: Capacity of a microorganism to harm and make the host sick.
A living organism that travels spaces forbidden to the naked human eye, can be anywhere, everywhere.
Biological warfare is here.
A piece that plays with the background, the form and the off-screen enhanced by the sound design.
Made with prints on adhesive material, cut out and glued manually on the support.
Realization: Santiago Vitale
Sound design: Guido Fazzito
-Non-syntax Experimental Image Festival - Tokyo, Japon.
-Animation Volda Festival - Volda, Noruega
-Semana del film experimental S11 - La plata, Argentina
-Al borde llama Exhibición - Buenos Aires, Argentina
-Mostra Doc. Experimental - Brazil
-Ciclo V.S. II CDCA - Buenos Aires, Argentina
-Ciclo Cine Oculta 9na edición - Buenos Aires, Argentina
-ENEAGRAMA Festival Internacional de Cine Experimental - Cordoba, Argentina
-DOBRA – International Experimental Film Festival - Rio de janeiro, Brazil
-Curta 8 - Festival Internacional de Cinema Super-8 de Curitiba - Curitiba, Brazil


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