Maximilian Le Cain - Ten Pieces of Video for Internet (2009)


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For some time now people have been quizzing me about any possible intentions I might have of putting some of my work online. I've remained reticent about doing so and at least part of this reticence stems from a real interest in the nature of online viewing. In other words, I wanted to create something specific for the internet rather than simply using it as an inferior vehicle for work best seen otherwise.

So, that's what I've gone and done. In fact, it's even more specific than internet-only work; it's especially designed for watching through YouTube, that glorious, terrifying audiovisual sewer.

What I've come up with is Ten Pieces of Video for Internet, a ten part video series. Raw, minimal and repetitive, these are deliberately defined as 'pieces of video' rather than 'video pieces'. Each part has an identical soundtrack and running time. They are designed to maximise the pixillation and general visual grubbiness that characterises much YouTube imagery. As images, they often barely hold together, becoming almost abstract (or, especially in the case of the second video, sometimes completely abstract) when viewed online. Posting them on YouTube was the last step of the creative process, the degeneration of the videos being their most crucial aspect. An aesthetic study of diseased images decomposing.

Of course, this ties into my regular peoccupation with the borders between representation and perception...


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