Maya Deren - Dance films


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Maya Deren\'s dance filmsContains:

- A Study In Choreography For The Camera 1945, silent, b/w, 2'30"
Choreography and dance: Talley Beatty.
- Ritual In Transfigured Time 1945-46, silent, b/w, 16'
With Deren, Rita Christiani, Frank Westbrook, Anaïs Nin.
- Meditation On Violence 1948, b/w, 13'
With Ch'ao Li Chi. Chinese flute and Haitian drum arr. Maya Deren.
- The Very Eye Of Night 1952-55, b/w, 15'
Choreography: Anthony Tudor. With students of Metropolitan Opera
Ballet School. Music by Teiji Ito.

"In this film, I have attempted to place a dancer in a limitless, cinemato-graphic space. Moreover, he shares, with the camera, a collaborative responsibility for the movements themselves. This is, in other words, a dance which can exist only on films The movement of the dancer creates a geography that never was. With a turn of the foot, he makes neighbors of distant places. Being a film ritual, it is achieved not in spatial terms alone, but in terms of a time created by the camera." - Maya Deren on A Study in Choreography for the Camera, 1945

"In her approach we have the beginnings of a virtually new artform of 'choreocinema' in which the dance and the camera collaborate on the creation of a single work of art." - John Martin, New York Times, 1946

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Monday, January 1, 2001