Brian L. Frye - Waste-book #1


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“The essence of film is time. As a photograph stills the breath of life, the cinema implies its inevitable exhalation. That which moves, moves inexorably toward its dissolution. These films reflect the intersection of that un-narrative, and the artifacts of its realization: the “surface’ of the image, or rather the pane of that looking glass we call the movies. The figures which inhabit them are the raw stuff of history, bit players and understudies who, in moments of crisis, are called upon to abandon the wings of this grandest stage and hesitantly deliver their lines. the history in which they participate is not that of the scientist, but that of the philosopher, for they beg the question: to what story are we now the party, and which words shall we use in its recitation?”

Titles include: Robert Beck is Alive and Well and Living in NYC, The Anatomy of Melancholy, Kaddish, Oona’s Veil, The Letter, Across the Rappahannoc, Lachrymae.

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