Experimental film or experimental film-friendly venues all around the world. Do you know of any others? Please, let us know.

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Title Description Link Country
Vancity Theatre Canada
Vasos Comunicantes

VASOS COMUNICANTES es una asociación civil independiente sin fines de lucro fundada en el año 2004 en la ciudad de Huaraz dedicada al diseño e implementación de proyectos de arte y cultura para el diálogo intercultural.


Página Web de VC Peru
VCU Student Commons Theater United States
Vega Scene

Vega Scene is a quality cinema and a small metropolitan theater that highlights current films and new drama.

Vestry House Museum United Kingdom
Vesuvio Cafe Website United States
Victoria Theater United States
Victoria Theatre Victoria Theatre United States
Video Pool Studio
Videoex Filmfestival

Videoex is Switzerland's largest festival dedicated to experimental film and video.

Videoex Festival Switzerland
Villa Neukölln Germany
Vincom Center for Contemporary Art VCCA Vietnam
VisArts United States
Visual Studies Workshop

Visual Studies Workshop’s mission is to support makers and interpreters of images through education, publications, exhibitions, and collections.

Visual Studies Workshop United States
Volksbühne Berlin Germany

Vooruit is a vibrant arts center with 300,000 annual visitors. Since 1982, we have been offering countless cultural events, focusing specifically on performing arts, music, books and city & transition.

Vooruit Belgium