tranzitdisplay is a project with an international scope that follows current stances and trends in art, culture and everyday life. It aims to initiate and foster communication and reflection on contemporary art in a local environment.

We are interested in art as a contemporary practice which stimulates the social arena and the relationships that hold therein and produces its own sensitivity towards things and a political dimension.

Our focus of interest is an exploration of the forms and contents of contemporary artworks in the systems created by individual artists and in collective contexts as well. One of the aspects of tranzitdisplay’s programme concerns itself with personalities who have the need and the power to create subjective systems and their own universal models of the world. These efforts regenerate, to a certain extent, a utopian need to relate to the world in all its complexity as a whole which an individual can encompass.

Another aspect our programme follows concerns basic questions regarding the mission and meaning of exhibiting: What is an exhibition? What format-related transformations is it undergoing? The exhibition space as a white cube, the exhibition as a flea market, the exhibition as a lounge. How do we react to this process by which the exhibition space’s role is being transformed? What are the political, economic, gender and organisational reasons for and consequences of putting on exhibitions? What conditions does temporality create? Temporariness and persistence. Is an exhibition a real space? Does it provide the means to transcend itself?

tranzitdisplay organises exhibitions, lectures, projections, performances, conferences and other events. tranzitdisplay cooperates and interconnects its activities with those of others working in contemporary art and the other fields of culture and science through which the present is articulated.



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