Studio 303

Our mandate
Founded in 1989, Studio 303 exists to promote the evolution of live art, prioritizing the development of emerging practices in contemporary dance and interdisciplinary performance.

This mandate continues to be advanced by new initiatives in order to adapt to the changing needs of artists, as well as the public’s appetite for new discoveries. Serving as both the incubator of emerging practices and artists, and as a catalyst of energy for young creators. Studio 303 intervenes on three levels:

1. Creation/production: creation residencies (in Montreal and overseas), coproduction services, hosting independent productions;

2. Professional development: professional workshops for creators, personalised Support Labs, on-line resources ( & Re-tours), networking and market development, mentorship and professional internships;

3. Presenting: annual festival and season programming in the Studio, in other venues or in situ – often in unconventional locations or contexts.

Trough these axes, Studio 303 contributes to the development of emerging Quebecois artists and encourages the mobility of ideas and of projects. These exchanges reinforce the quality of the work of local artists and multiply opportunities to create and present new projects.

Our role within the performing arts community has evolved over the years and in tandem with changes the performing arts sector. More than a simple doorway to the professional milieu, Studio 303 today has become one of the most creative, multifunctional, affordable and welcoming artistic centres in Canada.

372 Ste-Catherine West, #303
H3B 1A2   Montreal, Quebec
45° 30' 20.9412" N, 73° 34' 0.8472" W