OFFoff Cinema

Art Cinema OFFoff provides a unique platform for the displaying and research of experimental film. The screenings at OFFoff look back on the rich and vast history of film all the way into its most obscure and remote corners. As such, productions of the avant-garde cinema are often juxtaposed to more contemporary audio-visual creations of new and upcoming talents. Our focus on the formal aspects of film allows us to further demonstrate the seemingly endless plethora of possibilities of what one can achieve through it. As follows, we purposefully select works that bear witness to an investigative or deviant attitude towards the medium of film.

Additionally, the screenings are placed in a much broader perspective through lectures and debates to keep the discussion about the more pertinent issues within this context going. Furthermore, several films are also accompanied by experimental live performances and concerts which approach the formal aspects of film on a much more practical level. Thus, every OFFoff event is also a gathering place for film enthusiasts, critics, researchers and artists.


Lange Violettestraat 237
9000   Ghent
Phone: +32(0)93353183
51° 2' 45.1032" N, 3° 44' 11.7528" E