Experimental film or experimental film-friendly venues all around the world. Do you know of any others? Please, let us know.

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Title Description Link Country
Counterpath Counterpath Press United States
Crab Park Canada
Crater Lab Spain
CRCLR Germany
CUBE United Kingdom

CultureHub is where art and technology intersect. Founded in 2009 by La MaMa and the Seoul Institute of the Arts, CultureHub has held over 300 events and classes involving more than 200 artists from over 20 different countries. United States
Current Space Community Darkroom

Current Space is an artist-run gallery, studio, and a headquarters for cultural production, nourishing an ongoing dialogue between artists, activists, performers, designers, curators, and thinkers.

Current Space United States
Czong Institute for Contemporary Art Czong Institute for Contemporary Art South Korea
DA2 – Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Salamanca Spain
Dabadaba Spain
Dagvorm Belgium
De La Warr Pavilion United Kingdom
De Nijverheid Website Netherlands
De Nijverheid Facebook Netherlands
de Young Museum United States
Detour Gallery Website United States
Deus Ex Machina United States
Deutschen Filmmuseum Frankfurt Website Germany
DIM Cinema

DIM Cinema is a monthly series that presents artists whose practices are in dialogue with cinema, as an architectural space, a social context, a medium, or a formal structure.  Its name was inspired by the diffused Vancouver sky, the darkness of t

DIM Cinema Canada
DIY Space for London

DIY Space for London is a cooperatively-run social centre located in South London, just off Old Kent Road.

DIY Space For London United Kingdom
Dom kulture Ivanjica

Cultural center of Ivanjica

Dom kulture Ivanjica Serbia
Dom Omladine Belgrade Serbia
Downtown Independent United States
Dragonfly Cinema United States
e-flux Website United States