Toma Única 2010

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Toma Única 2010
Deadline: October 1st, 2010

This year Toma Única Festival has two competitive sections: the now classic “Toma Única” and the new “Short Films Super 8 and 16 mm creation”, "whose main difference is that these films may be edited, post producted and with soundtrack.

You can participate in one of these two sections, or both.
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“Toma Única” section:

Original works will be shown in Super 8 camera mounted, submitted to the competition and screened to the public for the first time the day of the Festival.

To participate you only have to shoot a film using a single Super 8 reel (about three minutes long), and send it, undeveloped, to the “Toma Única” organization.

All the films submitted will be screened for the first time ever -as a premiere- during the celebration of the Festival. The directors see the film for the first time at the same time as the audience, who will vote for their favourite film and soundtrack… yes, as the Super 8 is silent, you can add sound to the movie at the time of the live showing: with a CD, live dubbing actors, musicians, or whatever you want…

(See Rules)

Section of short film creation in super 8 and 16mm

In this section will be shown short films made in Super 8 and 16mm support, in which it can be deduced a creative proposal regardless of its genre. Considering this as a search of new forms of audiovisual language and communication with the public. A jury will select the best works and will distribute at their discretion a total of € 2,000 in cash prizes.
(See Rules)