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Eniaios - Cycle V (Gregory Markopoulos)Temenos 2012
June 29-July 1, 2012, Lyssaraia, Greece

The premiere of the sixth, seventh, and eighth orders of Gregory J. Markopoulos's final and culminating film, ENIAIOS, will take place at the Temenos site near Lyssaraia in Arcadia from June 29 through July 1, 2012.   The first five of the twenty-two film orders of ENIAIOS were presented at the same site in 2004 and 2008 to a group of spectators who had traveled from Europe, North & South America and Australia especially for the event. Screenings of ENIAIOS at the Temenos site will continue at intervals as the restoration and printing of the film moves forward.

Markopoulos wished to create a deeply personal and rewarding cinematic experience for his spectators. He chose the site near Lyssaraia, birthplace of his father, for its natural beauty and conceived the Temenos as a viewing space uniquely in harmony with the film as an instrument of philosophical and psychological revelation.

The spectator's journey to the Temenos anticipates the more extraordinary journey that takes place in front of the projected film over the three evenings. The serene pace and gradual development of the film allows the viewer to perceive  his or her own emotions in dialogue with the filmmaker's concentrated, fleeting images. It is what Markopoulos designated "the intuition space."  Each screening begins with the setting of the sun and continues for three hours under the movement of the heavens. There is no charge for admission. Each film order is an autonomous part of ENIAIOS: it is not necessary to have seen the earlier orders to appreciate the power of VI, VII and VIII.  A small buffet for Temenos spectators will be served in the main square of Lyssaraia on June 28th, the evening before the first screening.  Lodgings must be confirmed in advance (May 10th) either for the limited number of rooms in the hotel and guesthouses in the vicinity or for the campsite near the screening site. Requests for reservations should be made via [email protected]. They will be answered with a definitive offer for lodgings and other details.