tank tv: Michael Robinson

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Chiquitita And The Soft Escape (Michael Robinson, 2003)tank.tv dedicates its September exhibition to the film and video work of Michael Robinson, a young american filmmaker and photographer who combines found and his own footage in new ways, exploring the relationships and narratives that surge form their distance.
The exhibition presents the practical totality of Robinson's work from the last 6 years: You Don’t Bring Me Flowers (16mm color film, 8:00, 2005), Hold Me Now (DV, 5 min., 2008), The General Returns From One Place To Another (16mm color film/DV, 11:00, 2006), And We All Shine On (16mm color film, 7:00, 2006), Light Is Waiting (DV, 11:00, 2007), Chiquitita And The Soft Escape (16mm color film, 10:00, 2003), All Through The Night (DV, 4:00, 2008), Carol Anne Is Dead (DV, 7:30, 2008) and Victory Over The Sun (16mm color film, 12:30, 2007).

Michael Robinson @ tank.tv from September 2nd to 22nd.