tank tv: Ben Callaway 4th-24th November 2009

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Ben Callaway (Down There, 2005)'“Ben Callaway’s works are constructed from anonymous, secondary footage taken from a diverse range of documentary, educational, promotional or amateur videos. Ben Callaway stresses the materiality of the medium through different manipulations of the source material: the images are dissolved by repeated analogue transfers, and then reconstructed in digital format, while their speed is also radically altered throughout the process.' Miguel Wandschneider, Curator, Culturgest, Lisbon.
Ben Callaway’s technique results in work that is as visually rich as it is intriguing. Narrative and image break down as the artist transfers and attacks the material of video in order to create uneasy structures and a complex juxtaposition of form and content.

The online exhibition includes the works Tampa, K, Rigadoon, Lufthansa, Guatiza and Thanamine.