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Sylt - The Land Where The Ground Shrinks DVD- Lowave releases Samuel Bester's multimedia work "Sylt - The Land Where The Ground Shrinks". Produced by Cumulus & Les Editions du réel.
- Other Cinema DVD is offering the 5-DVD pack Media Mash-Ups containing Johan Grimonprez' "dial H-I-S-T-O-R-Y", TV Sheriff's "Not 4 $ale", Animal Charm's "Golden Digest", Negativland's "Our Favorite Things", and Craig Baldwin's "Mock Up On Mu" for 75US$.
- Re:voir reissues on DVD format their formerly available only on tape "Fluxfilm Anthology" and Berthold Bartosch's "L'idee". They're currently working on new titles by Peter Emmanuel Goldman, Gunvor Nelson and Jonas Mekas.
- Pat O'Neill has two new DVDs for sale in his website, "Water and power" and "Seven Three Six Two".