Sequence 2: Launch Event

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Zodiac Man by Samantha RebelloSequence 2: Launch Event
Thursday 29th September, 19h, First Floor
316-318 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 0AG

Sequence is an artist-run publication devoted to contemporary film and video art, published by, edited by Simon Payne.

The second issue of Sequence includes: A.L. Rees on the films of Nick Collins; artists’ pages by Lis Rhodes, Cathy Rogers and Samantha Rebello; drawings from the 1950s (and 2010) by Jeff Keen; Duncan White on ‘printology’ with text-based pieces by Ken Jacobs, Dieter Meier, Erica Scourti, Caroline Bergvall, Annabel Nicolson, Bob Cobbing and Louis Henderson; an interview with Pip Chodorov by Kim Knowles; Angela Allen and Nicky Hamlyn on painting and film; Shama Khanna on Nino Pezella; artists’ essays by Lucy Parker and Luke Aspell; and Andrew Vallance on the ‘black box phenomenon’.

The launch of Sequence (no.2) is accompanied by Mullender and Grierson's live a/v noise improv 'involving photophonic audio, live video, and algorithmic armatures', a screening of Samantha Rebello's film Forms Are Not Self-Subsistent Substances and a brand new multi-projector piece by James Holcombe.

The event is free for all