• Ann Arbor Film Festival DVD Collection Vol 1

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    Time Pieces

    Ten award-winning and favorite short films from the 46th Ann Arbor Film Festival , covering all dimensions of the frame: avant garde film art, experimental animation comedy,  lternative narrative, poetic and abstract explorations of nature, indie documentary. Time Pieces also includes rare bonus material with deleted scenes, director commentary, artist statements, video installations and audition outtakes.

    Included are Robert Todd's "Office Suite," Vanessa Renwick's "Portrait #2: Trojan," Leighton Pierce's "Number One," John Campbell's "Li: The Patterns of Nature," Thorsten Fleisch's "Energie!" and five other timeless short films. Bonus material includes experimental scenes, filmmaker commentary, installations and outtakes.

    All sales revenues of Time Pieces are shared with the filmmakers, furthering the Ann Arbor Film Festival's mission to help support talented artists working with film and video.

    You can also watch a preview trailer for "Time Pieces" here.


  • Tresaures IV: American Avant-Garde, 1947-1986

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    Hollis Frampton - (nostalgia)The fourth volume of the Treasures from American Film Archives series, called Treasures IV: American Avant-Garde Film, 1947-1986 is finally scheduled to be relased March 3, 2009.

    The 2 DVD set will feature films by 27 different filmmakers, spanning nearly forty years from the post WWII period, and totalling more than 5 hours of content. Among the films included (many of them featured for the first time on DVD) are the works of artists such as Stan Brakhage, Hollis Frampton, Marie Menken, Harry Smith or Robert Breer. The set includes a 70-page booklet with film notes prologued by Martin Scorsese and new music by avant-garde composer John Zorn.

    The films were selected from the preservation work of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Anthology Film Archives, the Museum of Modern Art, the New York Public Library, and the Pacific Film Archive and feature new pristine transfers. Net proceeds from the sale of this set will be split with the archives to support film preservation.


  • New DVDs from Index

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    menken.jpgThe austrian publisher Index DVD has released 3 new titles:

    - Obsession: Structuring Time and Space by croatian multimedia artist Ivan Ladislav Galeta
    (1947). The DVD focuses in Galeta's film works from the 70s and 80s and
    includes his first video work TV ping-pong. Includes the films TV Ping Pong (1976-78, video, 2 min.), Two Times in One Space (1976-84, 35mm, 12 min.), sfaira 1985-1895 (1984, 35mm, 10 min.), Water Pulu 1869-1896 (1987-88, 35mm, 9 min.), WAL(L)ZEN (1989, 35mm, 6 min.) and PiRâMïdas 1972-1984 (1984, 35mm, 12 min.). DVD PAL, Multizone, 51 min., 28,80€

    - Flaming Ears - a film by Angela Hans Scheirl, Ursula Pürrer and Dietmar Schipek.
    "Flaming Ears is a pop sci-fi lesbian fantasy feature set in the year
    2700 in the fictive burnt out city of Asche. It follows the tangled
    lives of three woman: Spy, comic book artist; Volly, a performance
    artist and sexed up pyromaniac; and Nun, an amoral alien with a
    predilection for reptiles. ". DVD PAL, Multizone, 84 min., 28,80€

    - Notes on Marie Menken, the documentary by Martina Kudlácek (In the mirror of Maya Deren) about one of american pioneers of exoerimental filmmaking. Music by John Zorn. Includes these films by Marie Menken as extras: Visual Variations on Noguchi (USA 1945, 16mm, B&W, 4 min.), Arabesque for Kenneth Anger (USA 1958-61, 16mm, color, 4 min), Glimpse of the Garden (USA 1957, 16mm, color, 5 min), Lights (USA 1964-66, 16mm, color, silent, 6:30 min). DVD PAL, Multizone, 117 min., 28,80€

    Apart from these releases, available now, two new DVDs have been announced to be published soon: The Seconds Strike Reality by Hans Scheugl and Optical Vacuum by Dariusz Kowalski.
    Furthermore, great news for those interested in this publisher's
    releases, Index has dropped the price of half of their back catalogue
    to 18 €.


  • Guy Sherwin's Optical Sound Films (1971/2007)

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    railings.jpgLux has just released a book and DVD on the work of british artist Guy Sherwin. Optical Sound Films (1971/2007) (the title comes from the way sound is printed in 16mm film) covers Sherwin's work on 'the synaesthesic relationship between sound and image manifest in the material of film sound' with 16 films plus several performances. The book covers Sherwin's research profusely,with drawings and diagrams that illustraite the inner workings of films and performances.

    The films included in this DVD are Phase Loop (1971), Sound Shapes (1972), Cycles 1(1972/1977), Newsprint (1972), At the Academy (1974), Soundtrack (1977), Musical Stairs (1977), Railings (1977), Night Train (1979), Interval (1974), Interval #2 (1974/2007), Notes (1979), Notes #2 (1979/2007), Optical Sound (2007), Spirals (1974) and Cross Section #2 (1997/2007), plus footage from several film performances.

    The short film Railings (1977) is currently showing at Lux's exhibition page. The official press release follows.


  • A couple of new DVD releases

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    Sur Place (Justine Triet, 2006)lowave , along with the Centre Pompidou, presents the second volume of Hors Pistes, selecting three works from the 2nd edition of the festival of the same name.

    - Company of mushrooms (Mo Gu Xiong Di Men) (Tan Chui Mui , Malaysia, 2006, Video, 30 min)
    - Forst (Ascan Breuer/Ursula Hansbauer/Wolfgang Konrad, Austria, 2005, Video, 50 min.)
    - Sur Place (Justine Triet, France, 2006, Video, 26 min.)

    PAL, Multizone, 110 min., 4:3, Stereo, English & French subtitles, 20 €.

    Abrasions (Joel Schlemowitz, 1990)Joel Schlemowitz presents a compilation of his experimental films in a 3 DVD edition. All the films have been newly trasnferred and remastered from 16 mmm copies. The first 2 discs cover his experimental short films while the third disc contains some collaborative works and extras sucha as an interview by Jennifer MacMillan ; Footage of the Film-Makers' Coop's move by Brian Frye and documentation footage of the "Grand Magic Lantern Exhibition!" installation by Jeanne Liotta.

    NTSC, Multizone, 210 min., 4:3, Stereo, 59.99 US$. This DVD is only available through Microcinema .


  • Stephen Dwoskin's Dyn Amo DVD now available

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    Dyn Amo



    LUX DVD RELEASE – DYN AMO a film by Stephen Dwoskin.
    Retail price £22, available from LUX and selected outlets now.



    Dwoskin's seminal 1972 film DYN AMO was borne out of the hangover that
    was left after 60's had fizzled out. The love-in was over and the
    knives were out and drawn ready to carve up the moral and psychological
    territory of the body politic, and the body in question was female.
    Based on a play by Chris Wilkinson, DYN AMO is set in a Soho
    strip-joint. The film is visually rich and emotionally intense,
    following the routines of four strippers as they divest themselves of
    their stage gear, the film pivots around a central scene that
    articulates the brutality of desire.
    film and its un-relenting, un-compromising 'gaze' positioned itself
    slap-bang in the middle of the controversy of the day. The film still
    challenges and shocks today; the audience, caught in the filmmakers'
    sights are unwittingly drawn into the contentious diagetic space of the
    film itself; '…there are not three looks, as described in Mulvey's
    article but four: the look at the viewer must be added.'[1]  At the
    core of the film itself is an age old human dilemma. In creating a
    dialogue with the ‘feminine’, we are confronted with our conflicting
    desire to merge with another and yet at the same time maintain our

    films have never shied from difficult issues. Having contracted polio
    as a child the subjects of disability, sexuality and mortality are
    prevalent in his work; his films expound existential themes. He says of
     himself,’ Film is my language and without my language I cease to be.’


    was born in New York in 1939. In 1964 he moved to London on a Fulbright
    Fellowship and in 1966 set up the London Film Makers Co-op with two
    other New Yorkers, Andy Meyer and Simon Hartog. In London, Dwoskin
    taught new generations of filmmakers at the Royal College of Art
    (1973-83) and at the London College of Printing (1983-87).


    filmmaking has spanned five decades and in Rotterdam 2006 he had a
    major retrospective when he was chosen as Filmmaker in Focus.


     For more information about all DVDs available from LUX visit, email [email protected] or call 0207 503 3979


  • The Films Of Stefan And Francizka Themerson DVD now available

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    Stefan And Francizka Themerson, 1942PRESS RELEASE


    Retail price £15, available from LUX and selected outlets now


    gave us vocal chords but neglected to give us a light-producing organ.
    We had to build it ourselves: The projective luminiferous eye.' Stefan
    Themerson, The Urge to Create Visions


    Themersons had a significant influence on the art and philosophy of the
    avant-garde of Eastern Europe during the 1930s. Their work reflected
    something of the Dada and Constructivist forms and ideas of the time,
    but what most distinguished them throughout their lives, was their
    remarkable invention and technical experiment. This was true of every
    field they became involved in: photography, literature, art, design and
    publishing, as well as film. They were the most important makers of
    avant-garde film in pre-war Poland.  After they settled in London in
    the early 1940s, they made two films under the auspices of the Polish
    Government in Exile including their first British film, Calling Mr
    Smith (1943), a rallying call to open the eyes and minds of the British
    public to Nazi atrocities in Europe.  In London they became key figures
    in the post-war cultural scene, founding Gaberbocchus Press, a major
    small press publishing first English editions of Jarry, Adler,
    Apollinaire, Schwitters, Queneau amongst others as well as writing
    novels, poems, philosophical treaties, operas, painting and theatre
    design. They died in London in 1988.


    Films of Stefan and Franciszka Themerson DVD is published by LUX and
    the Centre for Contemporary Art Warsaw in January 2008. The DVD
    contains the three surviving Themerson films (all others were lost in
    Nazi-occupied Poland) subtitled in English and Polish and is
    accompanied by unpublished notes and correspondence by Stefan Themerson.


    DVD contents: Adventures of a Good Citizen (1937), Calling Mr Smith (1943), The Eye and the Ear (1944-5)


    To celebrate the DVD launch LUX is streaming one of the films, The Eye and the Ear on its website during January and February at


  • Resistance(s) II

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    Resistance(s) II DVDFrench publisher lowave has just released the second volume of its anthology Resistance(s), compiling recent films & videos from the Middle East and North Africa.

    This volume features nine shorts from different artists, ranging from the social and political documentaries to new aesthetic approaches.

    - Nouba (Katia Kameli , Algeria/France, 2000, 5')
    - Straight Stories part 1 (Bouchra Khalili, Morocco/France, 2007, MiniDV, 10')
    - Amer & Nasser, Iraqi brothers (Al Fadhil, Iraq, 2003, Video, 4'25'')
    - Don't do to her what you did to me (Zineb Sedira, Algeria/UK, 1998-2001, Video, 9')
    - Avant de disparaître (Joude Gorani, Syria/France, 2005, Video, 13')
    - I swam in the sea last week (Nesrine Khodr, Lebanon, 2003, Video, 2'25'')
    - Géographie imaginaire (Pauline M'Barek, Tunisia/Germany, 2005, 15')
    - Saving face (Jalal Toufic, Lebanon, 2003, Video, 9')
    - Quelques miettes pour kles oiseaux (Nassim Amaouche, France, 2005, Video, 28'30'')

    Extras: 1 Bonus Film, Interviews, Bios, Filmographies. French, English, German and Arab subtitles. 110 min., 1 DVD10, PAL/NTSC, Multizone, stereo, 4:3, 25 €.


  • Themersons' films soon on DVD

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    Next year will see the release of a DVD edition of Stefan and Franciszka Themerson's films, co-published by Lux and the Centre for Contemporary Art Warsaw. To mark the coming publication, their short film The Eye and the Ear (1944-5) is available online at Luxvideo and there will be a screening at the British Library on January 9th.


  • Re:Voir's new and future releases

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    Marcel Hanoun- Just released the DVD edition of Cinexpérimentaux #6: Marcel Hanoun, containing the documentary Marcel Hanoun, une leçon de cinéma (2003, 65 min.) by Frédérique Devaux & Michel Amarger, as well as Hanoun 's films Des Hommes qui ont perdu racine (1956, 15 min.) and Je Meurs de vivre (1994, 50 min.). Incldues a 16-page booklet with text and photos. DVD, PAL.

    In December:

    - Acéphale by Patrick Deval, the fourth release in the Zanzibar film series (after Raynal's DeuxFois and Garrel's Le Révélateur and le Lit de la Vierge). B&W, 1.66, 56 min., PAL. Bonus short film Héraclite l'obscur.

    - Dyn Amo by Stephen Dwoskin (1972), mastered from a new 16mm print in collaboration with Lux. Color, sound, 120 min., PAL. Extras: a new video interview of Steve Dwoskin and Maggie Pinhorn about the film's production, plus a text about the film by Jacqueline Holt.

    In January next year:

    - A DVD containig Patrick Bokanowski's documentaries La Part du Hasard (Portrait of Henri Dimier, painter; Winner of the first prize at the 1984 Festival International de film d'Art de Montréal; 1984, 52 min.) and Le Rêve éveillé (Portrait of Colette Aboulker Muscat, therapist; 2003, 41 min.). Includes a booklet about the films. Color, Sound, 93 min., PAL.

    - The unabridged 1981 french version of Isidore Isou's Lettrist manifesto Traité de bave et d'éternité (Venom and Eternity; 1951), remastered in High-Definition from the 35mm preservation internegative and restored soundtrack. B&W, sound, 120 min., PAL. English, Italian, German and Spanish subtitles. Bonus: original 7-minute 1951 theatrical trailer.