• The Films Of Stefan And Francizka Themerson DVD now available

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    Stefan And Francizka Themerson, 1942PRESS RELEASE


    Retail price £15, available from LUX and selected outlets now


    gave us vocal chords but neglected to give us a light-producing organ.
    We had to build it ourselves: The projective luminiferous eye.' Stefan
    Themerson, The Urge to Create Visions


    Themersons had a significant influence on the art and philosophy of the
    avant-garde of Eastern Europe during the 1930s. Their work reflected
    something of the Dada and Constructivist forms and ideas of the time,
    but what most distinguished them throughout their lives, was their
    remarkable invention and technical experiment. This was true of every
    field they became involved in: photography, literature, art, design and
    publishing, as well as film. They were the most important makers of
    avant-garde film in pre-war Poland.  After they settled in London in
    the early 1940s, they made two films under the auspices of the Polish
    Government in Exile including their first British film, Calling Mr
    Smith (1943), a rallying call to open the eyes and minds of the British
    public to Nazi atrocities in Europe.  In London they became key figures
    in the post-war cultural scene, founding Gaberbocchus Press, a major
    small press publishing first English editions of Jarry, Adler,
    Apollinaire, Schwitters, Queneau amongst others as well as writing
    novels, poems, philosophical treaties, operas, painting and theatre
    design. They died in London in 1988.


    Films of Stefan and Franciszka Themerson DVD is published by LUX and
    the Centre for Contemporary Art Warsaw in January 2008. The DVD
    contains the three surviving Themerson films (all others were lost in
    Nazi-occupied Poland) subtitled in English and Polish and is
    accompanied by unpublished notes and correspondence by Stefan Themerson.


    DVD contents: Adventures of a Good Citizen (1937), Calling Mr Smith (1943), The Eye and the Ear (1944-5)


    To celebrate the DVD launch LUX is streaming one of the films, The Eye and the Ear on its website during January and February at


  • Resistance(s) II

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    Resistance(s) II DVDFrench publisher lowave has just released the second volume of its anthology Resistance(s), compiling recent films & videos from the Middle East and North Africa.

    This volume features nine shorts from different artists, ranging from the social and political documentaries to new aesthetic approaches.

    - Nouba (Katia Kameli , Algeria/France, 2000, 5')
    - Straight Stories part 1 (Bouchra Khalili, Morocco/France, 2007, MiniDV, 10')
    - Amer & Nasser, Iraqi brothers (Al Fadhil, Iraq, 2003, Video, 4'25'')
    - Don't do to her what you did to me (Zineb Sedira, Algeria/UK, 1998-2001, Video, 9')
    - Avant de disparaître (Joude Gorani, Syria/France, 2005, Video, 13')
    - I swam in the sea last week (Nesrine Khodr, Lebanon, 2003, Video, 2'25'')
    - Géographie imaginaire (Pauline M'Barek, Tunisia/Germany, 2005, 15')
    - Saving face (Jalal Toufic, Lebanon, 2003, Video, 9')
    - Quelques miettes pour kles oiseaux (Nassim Amaouche, France, 2005, Video, 28'30'')

    Extras: 1 Bonus Film, Interviews, Bios, Filmographies. French, English, German and Arab subtitles. 110 min., 1 DVD10, PAL/NTSC, Multizone, stereo, 4:3, 25 €.


  • Themersons' films soon on DVD

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    Next year will see the release of a DVD edition of Stefan and Franciszka Themerson's films, co-published by Lux and the Centre for Contemporary Art Warsaw. To mark the coming publication, their short film The Eye and the Ear (1944-5) is available online at Luxvideo and there will be a screening at the British Library on January 9th.


  • Re:Voir's new and future releases

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    Marcel Hanoun- Just released the DVD edition of Cinexpérimentaux #6: Marcel Hanoun, containing the documentary Marcel Hanoun, une leçon de cinéma (2003, 65 min.) by Frédérique Devaux & Michel Amarger, as well as Hanoun 's films Des Hommes qui ont perdu racine (1956, 15 min.) and Je Meurs de vivre (1994, 50 min.). Incldues a 16-page booklet with text and photos. DVD, PAL.

    In December:

    - Acéphale by Patrick Deval, the fourth release in the Zanzibar film series (after Raynal's DeuxFois and Garrel's Le Révélateur and le Lit de la Vierge). B&W, 1.66, 56 min., PAL. Bonus short film Héraclite l'obscur.

    - Dyn Amo by Stephen Dwoskin (1972), mastered from a new 16mm print in collaboration with Lux. Color, sound, 120 min., PAL. Extras: a new video interview of Steve Dwoskin and Maggie Pinhorn about the film's production, plus a text about the film by Jacqueline Holt.

    In January next year:

    - A DVD containig Patrick Bokanowski's documentaries La Part du Hasard (Portrait of Henri Dimier, painter; Winner of the first prize at the 1984 Festival International de film d'Art de Montréal; 1984, 52 min.) and Le Rêve éveillé (Portrait of Colette Aboulker Muscat, therapist; 2003, 41 min.). Includes a booklet about the films. Color, Sound, 93 min., PAL.

    - The unabridged 1981 french version of Isidore Isou's Lettrist manifesto Traité de bave et d'éternité (Venom and Eternity; 1951), remastered in High-Definition from the 35mm preservation internegative and restored soundtrack. B&W, sound, 120 min., PAL. English, Italian, German and Spanish subtitles. Bonus: original 7-minute 1951 theatrical trailer.


  • Robert Frank: The Complete Film Works

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    Robert Frank: Complete Film worksSteidl, the famous photography publisher, will issue in DVD all of the 25 films and videos made by Robert Frank. As of now 2 volumes have been announced, each one containing 3 films.

    - The Complete Film Works. Vol 1 will feature Pull My Daisy (1959, 28 minutes), The Sin of Jesus (1961, 40 minutes), and Me and My Brother (1068, 85 minutes), in a 3 DVD jewel-cased edition. 50 GBP, 95 US$, 75 €.

    - The Complete Film Works. Vol 2 will contain OK End Here (1963, 32 minutes), Conversations in Vermont (1969, 26 minutes), and Liferaft Earth (1969, 37 minutes) in a 3 DVD edition, each of them in a film-roll case. 82.25 GBP, 125 US$, 95 €.

    Volumes 1 and 2 will be released next September.


  • Peter Rose's works available on DVD

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    Peter Rose's Peter Rose has just announced the release, in a self-published edition, of 2 DVDs contaning nearly the entirety of his work.

    - VOX 13 will contain remastered versions of all his films and videos concerning language: Siren (1990), Genesis (1991), The Gift (1993), Foit Yet Cleem Triavith (1988), Digital Speech (1984), Secondary Currents (1982), SpiritMatters (1984), Metalogue (1996), The Pressures of the Text (1983), Understory (1997), Babel (1987), The Darkening (2000), and Sleeping Woman (1992). NTSC, 120 min., 40 US$.

    - Selected Works will contain remastered versions of the more purely visual material: The man who could not see far enough (1981), Analogies: studies in the movement of time (1977), Incantation (1970), The Geosophist’s Tears (2002), Rotary Almanac (2000), Pneumenon (2003), Odysseus in Ithaca (2006), and Omen (2001). NTSC, 90 min., 40 US$.

    These DVDs can only be acquired contacting the artist.


  • Jan Švankmajer: The Complete Short Films

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    svankmajer.jpgAfter the release last year of the Quay Brothers compilation , the British Film Institute has released, a few days before its planned released date the DVD edition of the complete short films of Jan Švankmajer .

    This edition (more comprehensive than the US edition by Kino Video) boasts nearly 8 hours of material (with more than 2 and a half of them extra material) in 3 DVD discs and a 56-page booklet. Among the extra features are the first film that Svankmajer worked on (Johannes Doktor Faust, 1958), excerpts from Nick Carter in Prague (1977), a French documentary (Les Chimeres des Svankmajer, 2001), an interview for Czech TV in 2001 and the homage to Jan Svankmajer by the Brothers Quay (The Cabinet of Jan Svankmajer, 1984) in its full length version.

    Also worthy of notice (though not experimental) is the BFI's compilation Science is Fiction / The Sounds of Science: The films of Jean Painlevé .


  • Avant Garde: Experimental Cinema 1928-1954

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    Avant Garde 2At last, the second volume 2 of Kino Video's Avant garde: Experimental cinema series has been announced. With the release date set to July 24th, this 2 DVD set features an incredible selection of films from the Raymond Rohauer collection with works by Brakhage, Menken, Maas, Peterson, Broughton, etc...
    The works included in this set are: Geography of the Body (Willard Maas, USA, 1943, 7 mins.); The Mechanics of Love (Maas/Ben Moore, USA, 1955, 5 mins.); Visual Variations on Noguchi (Marie Menken, USA, 1945, 4 mins.); The Potted Psalm (Sidney Peterson/James Broughton, USA, 1946, 18 mins.); The Cage (Peterson, USA, 1947, 28 mins.); House of Cards (Joseph Vogel, USA, 1947, 16 mins.); Christmas, U.S.A. (Gregory J. Markopoulos, USA, 1949, 13 mins.); Adventures of Jimmy (Broughton, USA, 1950, 10 mins.); Interim (Stan Brakhage, USA, 1952, 24 mins.); Unglassed Windows Cast a Terrible Reflection (Brakhage, USA, 1953, 29 mins.); The Way to Shadow Garden (Brakhage, USA, 1954, 11 mins.); The Extraordinary Child (Brakhage, USA, 1954, 13 mins.); Rebus-Film No. 1 (Paul Leni, USA, 1928, 15 mins.); The Fall of the House of Usher (James Watson/Melville Webber, USA, 1928, 12 mins.); Pacific 231 (Jean Mitry, France, 1949, 10 mins.); Arriere Saison (Dimitri Kisanoff, France, 1950, 15 mins.); and Traite de bave et d'eternite (Jean Isidore Isou, France, 1951, 111 mins.). Includes film notes by critic/historian Elliott Stein, theatrical trailer of Traite de bave et d'eternite. 2 DVDs, NTSC, 4:3, 350 min., 29,95$. Available for preorder at several sites such as Amazon and Facets.


  • Masterworks on DVD

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    Two masterworks from the last century have seen the light this month on DVD:

    Invisible adversaries- VALIE EXPORT's (Linz, Austria, 1940) Invisible adversaries (Unsichtbare Gegner, 1976) is #21 in Index's DVD journey through austrian and international experimental cinema. Anna (Susanne Widl), a Viennese photographer, discovers that extra-terrestrial beings are colonizing the minds of her fellow citizens by raising the human aggression quotient. The outer world immediately becomes disjointed, but the inner world does too, as Anna and her love (Peter Weibel) try to hang onto their deteriorating relationship. Gene Youngblood said that Invisible adversaries is "among the most innovative and important experimental narratives ever made". 1 DVD, 104 min., German with english subtitles, PAL, All regions, Colour & B&W, 30€.



    zwartjes - At last, the work of Netherland's Frans Zwartjes (Alkmaar, Netherlands, 1927) in a 2 DVD disc edition. Frans Zwartjes: The great cinema magician features Zwartjes' films Seats Two (1970), Behind Your Walls (1970), Living (1971), Audition (1973), Bedsitters (1974), Pentimento (1972), Sorbet 3 (1968), Birds (1968), Spectator (1970), A Fan (1968), Visual Training (1969), Anamnesis (1969), Spare Bedroom (1970) and Ruud Monster's documentary De grote tovenaar (The great magician). 2 DVDs, 310 min., Dutch with english subtitles, PAL, Colour & B&W, 24.95€.


  • Lowave: April releases

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    Hors pistesHors pistes presents three films from the first Hors Pistes festival (2006), sponsored by the Centre Pompidou and L'Agence du court métrage. The films selected walk the path between fiction and documentary: Connaisance du monde (drame psychologique) (France, 2004) by Philippe Fernandez, Loisada, Avenue C (France-USA, 2004) by Maeva Aubert and Pick up (France, 2004) by Lucía Sánchez. Bonus: Festival's trailer and opening night. 1 DVD9, 145 minutes, English & French subtitles, All regions, PAL 4:3, Stereo.

    Monkey Party Monkey_Party is an interactive DVD video installation by the french projectsinge group. Monkey_Party plays differently each time seeking to offer a "home based audiovisual installation" to engage the viewer in "an alternative
    way, an adventure, where the direction and viewing is never twice the
    same." 1 DVD5, 60 minutes, All regions, PAL 4:3, Dolby 5:1.