• Cinema Abbatoir: À Rebours

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    Man spricht Deutsh (Filmgruppe Chaos, 2001)Cinema Abbatoir releases its third thematic compilation, 'À Rebours' ('Countdown'), a 'transgressive short films DVD compilation emanating from the Void, from sexual atomisation and a Black eternally Blacker than Black'.
    Edition limited to 500 copies. 15 US/CAN $.

    - Washing machine (Ca Ca Ca, Canada, 2007, 5 min)
    - Hymn To Pan (François Miron, Canada, 2007, 5 min)
    - Man spricht Deutsh (Filmgruppe Chaos, Germany , 2001, 2 min)
    - Dream of samara (Usama Alshaibi, USA/Irak, 2007, 1 min)
    - Sacré-cœur de Satan (Serge de Cotret, Canada, 2008, 10 min)
    - Satan Bouche un Coin (Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, France, 1968, 10 min)
    - Yellow Fever (Frédérick Maheux, Canada, 2008, 2 min)
    - (sans titre) (Lucia Fezzuoglio, Canada, 2008, 3 min)
    - Passage (Karl Lemieux, Canada, 2007, 15min)
    - The Other American Dream (Enrique Arroyo, Mexico, 2004, 10 min)

    See Cinema Abbatoir's page for full details and trailer.


  • Bastian Clevé: Journeys

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    Bastian Clevé: Journeys

    Bastian Clevé: JourneysFor the first time available on DVD: Germany’s most-abundantly awarded post-WW2 experimental / avant-garde filmmaker. Contains seven of his major films created between 1976 and 1980 plus 30 mins documentary ‘The Art of Personal Filmmaking’. Total running time 102 mins. No region code. 25 Euros.

    - Schau ins Land (1976)

    - Nachtwache (1976)

    - Lichtblick (1976)

    - Die Reise (1977)

    - Empor (1977)

    - Nach Bluff (1977)

    - Fatehpur Sikri (1980)

    The focus of Clevé‘s artistic filmmaking lies in the manipulation of real-live imagery using sophisticated in-camera-editing and optical printing.

    ‘What lies beyond reality? Are there ways to take different approaches? Can I visualize things which do not exist in the material world? Can I create visual music and compose with light, imagery, color and shapes which are not animated but are to be found in reality? Can I create imagery the way musical composers create symphonies? Those were the questions I asked myself once I had seen enough “Hollywood”-type movies. I felt the desire to create something new and personal, something beyond stories and plotlines known to mankind ever since the start-of-times in both theatre and drama. My own stories in a personal style bearing no similarity to other artists or filmmakers. - As an artist I am interested in creating images previously never seen, as a professional I aim at perfection in the craft of filmmaking’ (Bastian Clevé)

    For further details including stills and clips see


  • A Film is a Burning Place: Works by Enid Baxter Blader

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    enidbaxterdvdA Film is a Burning Place: Works by Enid Baxter Blader

    This compilation of experimental short films and videos by Enid Baxter Blader unfolds like the pages of a lost diary, with fleeting glimpses into an anonymous someone's memories and desires. A filmmaker, painter, and bluegrass musician, Enid Baxter Blader finds inspiration in ruminations on rural life, stormy weather of the emotional and environmental variety, majestic landscapes, and small town civility. DVD includes an essay by novelist and journalist, Ben Ehrenreich

    NTSC, Region free, 55 minutes. 19,99 USD. Available through Microcinema.


  • Dwoskin retrospective + Central Bazaar on DVD

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    Behindert (Stephen Dwoskin, 1974)May will be the Stephen Dwoskin month at the British Film Institute. A series of film programmes at the BFI Southbank will complement the release at the end of the month of a DVD edition of Central Bazaar (1976). The partial retrospective will include seminal feature films such as Behindert and Dyn Amo, two programmes of short films, Stephen Dwoskin in conversation with Paul Willemen (May 6) and a 2-day workshop. Additionally, from May 6 to June 28, visitors to the BFI Southbank will be able to watch the three-piece installation Dream House (2008), at the Atrium.

    Central Bazaar DVD; 2 discs, PAL, region 2, colour, 156 min. Extra features: Laboured Party (1974, 20 mins), and an illustrated booklet with contributions from Jonas Mekas, Paul Willemen and William Fowler. Release date: May 25.


  • Walden on DVD

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    waldenJonas Mekas' Diaries, Notebooks and Sketches (Walden) has been re-released on DVD by Microcinema. This edition includes 2 DVDs,  a poster and a 150-page book 'with unpublished texts by 60 authors including the personalities appearing on the film.' This edition seems to be an update to the existing re:voir one on VHS. A PAL DVD edition of Walden is scheduled by re:voir for later this year.
    NTSC, 4:3, Mono, Region free, 180 minutes, 75US$. English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Lithuanian, and Japanese subtitles.


  • DVDs out in March

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    winklerThe new label Red Avocado has released today its first title: Paul Winkler: Australian Icons selects some of the Germany-born filmmaker's most famous and awarded works. Includes the films Sydney Harbour Bidge (1977, 16mm, colour, sound, 13 mins), Bondi (1979, 16mm, colour, sound, 15 mins), Ayers Rock (1981, 16mm, colour, sound, 21 mins), Time out for Sport (1996, 16mm, colour, sound, 17 mins), Rotation (1998, 16mm, colour, sound, 17 mins). Bonus: © Paul Winkler (Mark Daley, Nicole Reid and Dominik Muench, MiniDV, colour, sound, 11 mins). DVD PAL, Multizone, 94 mins., 25€ (includes S&H for Europe).

    Two exclusive releases from the american distributor / publisher Microcinema:
    - Experiments in terror 3, once again curated by Noel Lawrence, but this time under the new Provocateur label. The short films included in this compilation are Manuelle Labor (Marie Losier, USA, 2007, 10 min.), Born of The Wind (Mike Kuchar, USA, 1961, 24 min.), Satan Claus (J.X. Williams, USA, 1975, 16mm, 3 min.), The Psychotic Odyssey of Richard Chase (Carey Burtt, USA, 1999, 16mm, 6 min.), Terror! (Ben Rivers, USA, 2007, 24 min.), Loma Lynda: The Red Door (excerpt) (Jason Bognacki, USA, 2008, 10 min.). Bonus: It Gets Worse (Clifton Childree, USA, 2008, 32 min.). DVD NTSC, Multizone, 109 min., 24,95$
    - The distribution of Phill Niblock's The Movement of People Working, a 2003 essential compilation of Niblock's documentaries regarding the dynamics of human labour, in opposition to Niblocks' remarkable minimalistic music. DVD10 NTSC, Multizone, 208 min., 24,95$

    Index releases its 33rd DVD with Maria Lassnig: Animated Films, compiling the animations the austrian filmmaker, founder of the Studio for Experimental Animation, made while living in New York in the seventies. Includes the films Baroque statues (1970-74, 16mm, sound, 15 min), Iris (1971, 16mm, sound, 10 min), Chairs (1971, 16mm, sound, 2 min), Selfportrait (1971, 16mm, sound, 4:30 min), Shapes (1972, 16mm, sound, 9 min), Couples (1972, 16mm, sound, 9 min), Palmistry (1973, 16mm, sound, 10 min), Art education (1976, 16mm, sound, 8 min), Maria Lassnig Kantate (1992, 16mm, sound, 8 min). DVD PAL, Multizone, 76 mins., 28,8€.


  • DVDs: Jeff Keen, Screen tests

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    Marvo Movie (Jeff Keen 1967)Two new DVDs for the upcoming months:

    - The British Film Institute releases the boxset GAZWRX: The Films Of Jeff Keen, both in DVD and Blu-ray formats (4 and 3 discs respectively). The set will include 45 restored and remastered films by the british filmmaker, along with many extra features: A new nterview with Jeff Keen, Art Flies Free (2000) – experimental documentary by Ian Helliwell; Jeff Keen Films (1983) – documentary with interview; a.96-page booklet featuring paintings, drawings and collages by Jeff Keen plus articles by Tony Rayns, Ray Durgnat and Jack Sargeant. Release date February 23, PAL, Region 2, 540 minutes, £34.25.

    - US publisher Plexifilm, has announcede the release of 13 Most Beautiful... Songs for Andy Warhol's Screen Tests, compiling 13 out of the 500 'screen tests' or film portraits that Andy Warhol shot in the sixties. The films selected for this compilation feature: Paul America, Susan Bottomly, Ann Buchanan, Freddy Herko, Jane Holzer (Toothbrush), Dennis Hopper, Billy Name, Nico, Richard Rheem, Lou Reed (Coke), Edie Sedgwick, Ingrid Superstar and Mary Woronov. DVD extras include a behind-the-scenes documentary on the live production of the performances, and a video interview with Dean & Britta about Andy Warhol and the music they have created for this DVD.Release date March 10, NTSC, Region free, 80 minutes, $34,99. There is also a special limited edition available.


  • Canyon Cinema publishes Bruce Baillie DVD

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    Castro Street (Bruce Baillie, 1966)Canyon Cinema has just released the first volume of a 5 DVD collection compiling the film works of Bruce Baillie. The DVD is only available in a limited signed & numbered edition of 100 copies for 50$ for home use or 300$ for institutions. The copy numbered #1 will be a special gold DVD contaning extra material that will be sold to the highest bidder and its proceeds will be destinated to a collaborative project.

    This first volume includes the films Tung (1966, 16mm, col + b&w, silent, 5 min), Mass for the Dakota Sioux (1964, 16mm, b&w, sound, 24 min), Valentin de las Sierras (1967, 16mm, col, sound, 10 min), Castro Street (1966, 16mm, col, sound, 10 min), and All My Life (1966, 16mm, col, sound, 3 min), all of them in newly restored versions.


  • Emily Richardson, 6 Films

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    Emily Richardson - Redshift (2001)Lux 's latest DVD release wll be dedicated to the film work of Emily Richardson . Richardson's work centers on the exploration of landscapes and environnents, both nature and human-created, such as her journey through a London tower bliock in the beautiful Block (2005) featured in this compilation.

    The DVD will be launched in a special event on December 9th at Cafe Oto, 18 - 22 Ashwin St, Dalston, London E8 3DL at 7pm. The event will include a special screening of her latest work Cobra Mist (2008) and a expanded cinema event with live sound performances by Cobra Mist sound recordist and composer Chris Watson and Benedict Drew .

    The compilation contains her 16mm film Redshift (2001), Nocturne (2002), Aspect (2004), Petrolia (2005), Block (2005) and Cobra Mist (2008), and a new essay by William Fowler, Curator of Artists’ Moving Image, BFI National Archive.. PAL, All Zones, 44 min., Colour, 20 GBP


  • Millennium Film Journal 50: Practices and Processes

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    The Fall 2008 issue of the MFJ magazine is now available. The new issue centers on 'practices and processes' and is guest-edited by filmmaker Mike Hoolboom.


    Mike Hoolboom Frequencies: An Interview with Jason Boughton
    Mike Hoolboom The Art of Looking: An Interview with Deborah Stratman
    Mike Hoolboom Long Live Experimental Everything: An Interview
    with Julie Murray

    Alex Mackenzie Hand Cranked: A Conversation with Filmmaker Lee Krist


    Andrea Picard Talking to the Periphery: Lonnie van Brummelen
    David Dinnell Light Waves and their Uses: Bruce McClure
    Steve Reinke Excrements of Time: George Kuchar’s Videos


    Jennifer Reeves Cinematheque Ontario, Fall 2004
    David Gatten Hallwalls, Buffalo, May 2005

    In Memoriam

    Tony Pipolo Remembering Paul Arthur
    Bruce Jenkins BC/2008 AD: An Artist Remembered