• New Lux DVDs coming in September

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    rewind-playLux has announced two new DVD releases for the third quarter.

    - In collabopration with Rewind | Artists’ Video in the 70s and 80s, REWIND + PLAY, An Anthology of Early British Video Art, a 3-DVD boxset featuring 24 works from the first decade of British videoart, including seminal pieces by Ian Breakwell, Catherine Elwes, David Hall, Tamara Krikorian, Mike Leggett and Stephen Partridge, among many others.

    - Co-published with The Crawford Gallery, Cork, Between Truth and Fiction: The Films of Vivienne Dick a book and DVD set presenting five works by the irish filmmaker that perfectly complements the existing Afterimages DVD. The publication will coincide with a programmed exhibition of Vivienne Dick’s work in Autumn 2009.




  • Materia Obscura limited edition

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    Materia Obscura (Jürgen Reble, 2009)Master cineast and filmalchemist Jürgen Reble is offering a limited edition in Blu-ray of his latest work Materia Obscura, based on source material from his previous 1995 piece Instabile Materie.


  • The Seashell and the Clergyman boxset

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    The Seashell and the Clergyman (Germaine Dulac, 1927)Light Cone, in cooperation with publisher Paris Expérimental will release next September what promises to be the definitive edition of Germaine Dulac's The Seashell and the Clergyman (1927). The film, based on a script by Antonin Artaud, will be published in a boxset containing a DVD and a bilingual book in French and English with numerous extras:

    - The film in its original silent version, restored by the Nederlands Filmmuseum in collaboration with Light Cone, plus three musical versions composed by Pascal Comelade, Thomas Köner and Iris ter Schiphorst.
    - Two extras conceived by Nicolas Droin and Prosper Hillairet, with contributions from Artaud and Dulac experts: Tumulte aux Ursulines (Uproar in the Ursulines, 2008, 15 mins) and Surimpressions (Superimpositions, 2009, 33 mins).
    - A new and revised edition (160 pages) of the seminal book Artaud-Dulac: La Coquille Et Le Clergyman Essai D'elucidation D'une Querelle Mythique by Alain and Odette Virmaux published by Paris Experimental (1999).
    - Germaine Dulac's biography and filmography.
    - An account of the restoration of the film: Catherine Cormon, director of restoration at the Nederlands Filmmuseum, retraces the history of the different versions of the film and of the restoration process.

    Release date: September 15th, 2009. RRP: 32,90 €.


  • MFJ 51: Experiments in documentary

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    MFJ51sIssue number 51 of seminal magazine Millennium Film Journal is dedicated to Experiments in Documentary. This issue features filmmakers Lucas Hildebrand and Lynne Sachs as guest editors.


    * Introduction

    • Lucas Hildebrand

    * Experimental Documentary Questionnaire

    • Introduction and Questions
    • Responses

    * Dialogues

    • Jonathan Kahana & Liza Johnson, "Interstates: South of Ten"
    • Tess Takahashi. "When We Speak of the Future: An Interview with Julia Meltzer and David Thorne"

    * Articles

    • Greg Youmans, "Ghosted Documentary: Chantal Ackerman's La-Bas"
    • Konrad Steiner. "SprocketKitLingoKit"

    * Artist Pages

    • Peggy Ahwesh, "the history of dirt"
    • Caroline Koebel, "I Want to Have Your Baby"
    • Chie Yamayoshi, "Love Stories"

    * Review

    • Grahame Weinbren, "The Cinema of Pessimism"


  • New DVDs

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    Die Urszene (Christine Noll Brinckmann, 1981)- British Animation Awards has published 2 DVDs with new digitally remastered editions of Patrick Bokanowski's feature film L'Ange (1982) and of his Short films (up to his latest work Battement Solaires (2008)). DVD5, NTSC/PAL editions, Region free, 17,99 GBP each.
    - The film work of Noveau Realisme and Pop Art painter/sculptor Martial Raysse is the protagonist of a 2-DVD pack released by MK2 in France.  2 DVD9, PAL, zone 2, 22,99€. A special limited edition including a signed print by the author is available for 115€.
    - The Iota Center continues its visual music Kinetica Video Library with Jules Engel: Selected Works, Volume I, compiling fifteen of his animated short films and an exceprt from Janeann Dill's documentary Jules Engel: An Artist for All Seasons. DVD5, NTSC, Region free, 35 US$.
    - The german platform Arsenal experimental begins its project Edition arsenal experimental DVD, 'a series dedicated to reexamining and restoring the original luster of German experimental and underground film.' The first publication is the DVD+book The Primal Scene - Christine Noll Brinckmann Films and Texts. The book features contributions by Stan Brakhage, Robin Curtis, Vinzenz Hediger, Maria Morata, Heide Schlüpmann, Alexandra Schneider, Stefanie Schulte Strathaus and Katharina Sykora. The DVD includes the films Die Urszene (1981), Dress Rehearsal And Karola 2 (1981) and Der Fater (1989) by Noll Brinckmann plus two texts by Christine Noll Brinckmann and the films discussed in the texts, Still Life (Jenny Okun, UK, 1976) and Casta Diva (1st episode) (Eric de Kuyper, Holland, 1982). Book and DVD5, PAL, Region free, 25€.


  • Alfred Leslie, Cool Man in a Golden Age

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    The last clean shirt (Alfred Leslie & Frank O'Hara, 1966)The long time awaited compilation of painter/filmmaker Alfred Leslie's films will be published by Lux this June. 'Alfred Leslie, Cool Man in a Golden Age, Selected Films' is a compilation of Leslie's key films including his classic 'beat film' Pull my daisy (1964), made with Robert Frank, and The last clean shirt (1966), fruit of his collaboration with american poet Frank O'Hara. The DVD features also a new self-interview by Leslie and a rarely seen short documentary from the sixties featuring borh O'Hara and Leslie. DVD9 + booklet, NTSC, Region free, 148 minutes, 20GBP.

    The publication will be preceded by a launch event at the Tate Modern next June 24. 'Cool Men in a Golden Age: Alfred Leslie and Frank O'Hara' will focus on the collaboration between the two artists and also serve to promote as well the launch of the book We Saw the Light, Conversations between the New American Cinema and Poetry by Daniel Kane (University of Iowa Press, 2009).


  • Incite! n 1 in print

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    A print edition of online magazine Incite! issue #1 ('Manifest') is available through their website (10 US$ +s/h).


  • Cinemad: 2009 Short Film Almanac

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    Cinemad: 2009 Short Film AlmanacTo celebrate 10 years of covering unusual films and filmmakers, Cinemad magazine presents a compilation of short films that defy simple categorization.  An accompanying 60 page booklet includes interviews with each filmmaker.  Produced by Mike Plante and Andrea Grover. 

    - Edge-TV with Animal Charm (Animal Charm, 2008, 3 min)
    - above below (Cam Archer, 2008, 4 min)
    - letters (Stephanie Barber, 2000, 4 min)
    - Valse Triste (Bruce Conner, 1978, 5 min)
    - Pictures from Dorothy (Kevin Jerome Everson, 2003, 6 min)
    - The Sun (James Fotopoulos, 2000, 3 min)
    - lot 63, grave c (Sam Green, 2006,  10 minutes)
    - War (trailer) (Jake Mahaffy, 2004, 84 minutes (excerpt))
    - Wellness (trailer) (Jake Mahaffy, 2007, 90 minutes (excerpt))
    - Motion Studies #3: Gravity (Jake Mahaffy, 2004, 3 minutes)
    - Light is Calling (Bill Morrison, 2004,  8 minutes)
    - Viscera (Leighton Pierce, 2004-2005, 11 minutes)
    - The Time We Killed (Jennifer Reeves, 2004, 6:20 minutes)
    - How Among the Frozen Words (Deborah Stratman, 2005, 44 seconds)
    - It Will Die Out in the Mind (Deborah Stratman, 2006, 3:50 minutes)
    - The Magician’s House (Deborah Stratman, 2007, 5:45 minutes)

    DVD NTSC, Region free, 77 minutes, 24,95 USD. Available through Aurora Picture Show or Microcinema.


  • Cinema Abbatoir: À Rebours

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    Man spricht Deutsh (Filmgruppe Chaos, 2001)Cinema Abbatoir releases its third thematic compilation, 'À Rebours' ('Countdown'), a 'transgressive short films DVD compilation emanating from the Void, from sexual atomisation and a Black eternally Blacker than Black'.
    Edition limited to 500 copies. 15 US/CAN $.

    - Washing machine (Ca Ca Ca, Canada, 2007, 5 min)
    - Hymn To Pan (François Miron, Canada, 2007, 5 min)
    - Man spricht Deutsh (Filmgruppe Chaos, Germany , 2001, 2 min)
    - Dream of samara (Usama Alshaibi, USA/Irak, 2007, 1 min)
    - Sacré-cœur de Satan (Serge de Cotret, Canada, 2008, 10 min)
    - Satan Bouche un Coin (Jean-Pierre Bouyxou, France, 1968, 10 min)
    - Yellow Fever (Frédérick Maheux, Canada, 2008, 2 min)
    - (sans titre) (Lucia Fezzuoglio, Canada, 2008, 3 min)
    - Passage (Karl Lemieux, Canada, 2007, 15min)
    - The Other American Dream (Enrique Arroyo, Mexico, 2004, 10 min)

    See Cinema Abbatoir's page for full details and trailer.


  • Bastian Clevé: Journeys

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    Bastian Clevé: Journeys

    Bastian Clevé: JourneysFor the first time available on DVD: Germany’s most-abundantly awarded post-WW2 experimental / avant-garde filmmaker. Contains seven of his major films created between 1976 and 1980 plus 30 mins documentary ‘The Art of Personal Filmmaking’. Total running time 102 mins. No region code. 25 Euros.

    - Schau ins Land (1976)

    - Nachtwache (1976)

    - Lichtblick (1976)

    - Die Reise (1977)

    - Empor (1977)

    - Nach Bluff (1977)

    - Fatehpur Sikri (1980)

    The focus of Clevé‘s artistic filmmaking lies in the manipulation of real-live imagery using sophisticated in-camera-editing and optical printing.

    ‘What lies beyond reality? Are there ways to take different approaches? Can I visualize things which do not exist in the material world? Can I create visual music and compose with light, imagery, color and shapes which are not animated but are to be found in reality? Can I create imagery the way musical composers create symphonies? Those were the questions I asked myself once I had seen enough “Hollywood”-type movies. I felt the desire to create something new and personal, something beyond stories and plotlines known to mankind ever since the start-of-times in both theatre and drama. My own stories in a personal style bearing no similarity to other artists or filmmakers. - As an artist I am interested in creating images previously never seen, as a professional I aim at perfection in the craft of filmmaking’ (Bastian Clevé)

    For further details including stills and clips see