Film Panic Issue 3

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Film Panic Issue 3 is now available! This issue contains in-depth interviews with five exciting and unique contemporary filmmakers who are exploring the possibilities of the art of cinema!

From the editorial: "In this issue of FILM PANIC we interview five contemporary filmmakers, each of whom is creating work that is totally independent both creatively and financially. Each one of them is forging their own path and playing their own part in expanding the possibilities of the art of cinema and, in their own way, continuing the journey that began many years ago with the pioneers of the medium."

Available as both a free PDF and in print (super limited edition of only 50 copies). Full details here:

Film Panic Magazine is produced and published by The Underground Film Studio:

Table of contents:

  • Editorial by Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais
  • Interview with Rouzbeh Rashidi
  • Interview with David Finkelstein
  • Interview with Toby Tatum
  • Interview with Hooroo Jackson
  • Interview with Gurcius Gewdner
  • The Underground Film Studio News



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How do I submit an article to Film Panic?

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Thank you! x

Thank you! x