Red Over the Right Eye: A Performance with Found Footage and Flicker Film

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Crater CollectiveRed Over the Right Eye: A Performance with Found Footage and Flicker Film
Thursday, December 13, 20h
Millennium Film Workshop, 66 E 4th Street, Basement, New York, NY

Crater (Luis Macías and Adriana Vila) with Optipus

- Red Over the Right Eye (Performance) – Didactically informing about the origins of 3D with a super 8 and 16 mm intervention of different abstract yet simple forms, executing space in a twiddling and anxious doubt of retina’s capacities. Other dimensions are invoked…

- completely out of their elements (Peformance) – Optipus, a New York film/music/performance will join Crater

About Crater:
Luis Macías is an artist, filmmaker, image recycler and teacher specializing in experimental cinema. His work with 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm film are conceived as Expanded Cinema Performances. His artistic concerns focus on two points: the physical work on film and film recycling and re-invention of new relationships between moving images.

Adriana Vila Guevara is an anthropologist and filmmaker. She has performed in film and art centers with multiple Super8 and 16mm projectors, has worked with different experimental musicians on live concerts and live projections, documentaries, as well as film and video installations. She often works with ethnographic auto-critical ideas using concepts of identity, memory and representation. Macias’ & Vila Guevara’s performances and installations have been shown at various art centers, galleries, institutions, and other venues including: Museum of Fine Arts, Caracas, Venezulea; Museum of Modern Art, Salvador de Bahia; Cinematheque National of Venezuela; Artist Television Access (ATA Site) San Francisco, Echo Park Film Center, Los Angeles; Millenium Film Workshop, New York among others.

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Admission: $8/$5 Members By Contribution