Reading Experimental Film Festival 2012

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Reading Experimental Film Festival
Deadline: 7th September 2012

The Reading Experimental Film Festival (REFF) was set up in 2008 with the intention of showing a diverse and innovative programme of historical and contemporary films and videos made by artists who were and are currently, at the cutting edge of avant-garde film-making. More information can be found by visiting

REFF is now accepting film and video work for its open submissions programme.


Short experimental films / videos under 15 minutes that deal loosely with the topic of ‘Performance’ in its broadest sense. The selected films will be shown in a programme alongside commissioned pieces from Edwin Burdis and Szuper Gallery.

Dates  / Contact / Requirements:

The event date is the 12th October; with set up done the day before

The deadline for entries is Friday 7th September 2012.

Submissions should include a short CV, and a brief outline

Films should be on DVD and sent to:

Edmund Harcourt
Hogarth Productions
509 Oxford Road
Reading, Berks RG30 1HF
United Kingdom

and marked ‘REFF’. Please include a SAE if you wish us to return the films.

Produced by Hogarth Productions



Loukia Alavanou's picture

I have two questions regarding the submission:
1) Is 7 of september deadline the postmark date?
2) Would you accept a film that was produced three years ago? WHat is the earliest production date you can accept?

Thank you .

Marcos Ortega's picture

Hi Loukia
Sorry, but I sdidn't see your comment until now. You should contact the festival organization at .