Punto y Raya Festival 2011

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Punto y raya Festival 2011Punto y Raya Festival explores the ultimate synthesis of the form·movement duality in different spheres of human endeavour. Due to the simplicity of its criteria, it seeks to reveal the limitations and achievements of our representation systems using abstraction's prime matter.

This entry call is addressed to audiovisual pieces built up entirely from dots and lines. No representation whatsoever, just dots and lines as ends in themselves!

General Rules
- The films must be made entirely with dots and lines avoiding representation.
- You can use any kind of illustration, optic and animation techniques. From the pen to the stylus, from the analogical·dot to the digital·pixel.
- The soundtrack cannot feature any words. If you're using a song, this must be completely instrumental or feature non·narrative voices [that is, no lyrics!].
- Running time shall not exceed 9 minutes.
- Each author can enter as many pieces as he/she wants, but we'll select three at most.
- We strongly advise you to enter your film/s in HD (high-definition), because we'll screen all the selected pieces in high-def.
- It doesn't matter its original format or production date, any short·film that complies with the requirements above mentioned may be selected.
- If you have any doubts, please check out our FAQ page before contacting us... it'll be much appreciated ;)

All people in the world are eligible to participate in this festival, whatever their age and formation. The application is free and the entry form/s must be submitted online before Monday, July 4th 2011 (inclusive).
The process comprises three stages:
1. Author/User registration (online form duly filled and submitted).
2. Film Entry Form (duly filled and submitted online).
3. Send a copy of the film to our mailing address or submit it online, providing all the necessary details for its download in the Film Entry Form.

- Submitting your work does not guarantee exhibition at Punto y Raya Festival. The programing of the event will be determined by the festival organizers and all applicants will be notified of the final selection by e·mail.
- The selected works will be screened in HD.
- Stills of the selected works and the texts submitted with the inscription form will be published in our 2011 catalogue. Accordingly, entrants are respectfully requested to prepare graphics and texts meticulously, and to submit the stills in high resolution.
- The organization will also devise trailers for TV and internet broadcasting, featuring excerpts from some of the selected films. These trailers are strictly to promote the event.
- The submitted DVD/Blu-Ray's won't be returned.

Entry Rights
- The organizers of Punto y Raya Festival desire to make the results of the competition accessible to as large an audience as possible. To achieve this we are consolidating an international exhibition platform, featuring -so far- 40 venues over 10 countries [see tour]
- Any of the selected films (awarded or not) may be screened at the venues comprising our international platform. Therefore, by participating in this call, the author conveys the non-exclusive rights to screen his/her material at those venues, free of geographic restriction.
- Punto y Raya Festival's organizers wish to stress that all reruns are to reach a broader audience and have no commercial intent. The screenings may be accompanied by other activities, such as workshops, PyRformances and conferences to continue developing the dot·line community emerged after our first edition in 2007.
- A Catalog + DVD set with the finalist and awarded films in Punto y Raya Festival 2011 will be released after the event. This material will be available for purchase on our website, to compensate for the production costs.
- Three sets will be shipped to every selected author, free of charge.

- Prizes will be awarded to the best three films. Our international jury may also give special commendations to other films selected for the competition at their own discretion. Their verdict is final.
- There will also be an Audience Award.
- This year's prizes and awards will be posted on our website as soon as we reach an agreement with the sponsors and collaborators.

- By submitting to these general rules the applicant confirms to be the owner of all required copyright licenses and authorizes the use of fragments from the films for diffusion and publicity purposes.
- MAD and all other institutions involved are not responsible for any claim regarding copyright, trademark, credits or royalty infringement related to the work.