Punto y Raya Festival 2009

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Train Landscape (Jules Engel, 1974)The 2nd edition of the Punto y Raya Festival (Dot and Line Festival) dedicated to abstract two-dimensiona animation will be held next November 25th-29th in Arts Santa Mònica, Barcelona, Spain. Among the many conferences, installations and workshops a special programme titled "Larry Cuba retrospective and other classics" will feature classic visual music films and digital animations by Larry Cuba, Jules Engel, Hy Hirsch, Adam Beckett, John Whitney Sr. and Frank and Caroline Mouris. Curated by the iota Center.


Larry Cuba retrospective and other classics
Friday, November 25th, 19.30h
Saturday, November 26th, 20.00h

Introduced by Larry Cuba
- Impasse (Frank & Caroline Mouris, 10', stop-motion, color, 16 mm, 1978, USA)
- Arabesque (John Whitney Sr., 8’, cgi, color, 16 mm, 1975, USA)
- 1978 (Larry Cuba, 6’, cgi, b&w, 16 mm, 1978, USA)
- Two Space (Larry Cuba, 8’, cgi, b&w, 16 mm, 1979, USA)
- Calculated movements (Larry Cuba, 6’, cgi, b&w, 16 mm, 1985, USA)
- Train Landscape (Jules Engel, 3’, drawing, color, 16 mm, 1974, USA)
- Shapes & Gestures (Jules Engel, 7’, drawing, color, 16 mm, 1976, USA)
- Scratch Pad (Hy Hirsh, 7’, op·art, scratch, 16 mm., 1960, France)
- Chasse des Touches (Hy Hirsh, 4’, color, drawing, 16 mm, 1959, France)
- Heavy Light (Adam Beckett, 7’, op·art, color, 16 mm, 1973, USA)
- Kitsch in Sync (Adam Beckett, 4’30’’, drawing, color, 16 mm, 1975, USA)