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Name Description Country
Olivia Boudreau
Other Cinema

The Other Cinema Digital label provides an alternative platform for the distribution of extraordinary film works. We celebrate peculiar visions and offbeat sensibilities, drawn from the contemporary underground as well as the archives. Be it...

Oxford University Press
Palgrave Macmillan
United Kingdom
Paris Expérimental

Fondées en 1985 par Prosper Hillairet, Christian Lebrat et Giovanna Puggioni, les éditions Paris Expérimental se consacrent essentiellement au cinéma d’avant-garde et expérimental.

Elles publient des livres de références ainsi que des...

Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art
United Kingdom
Peripheral Produce

Peripheral Produce is a video label that started distributing experimental film and video compilations in 1996. Born out of a screening series of the same name, Peripheral Produce currently represents 26 artists and has released 14 titles. 3 are...

Peter Lang AG
Post Scriptum. Littera
Primary Information

Primary Information is a non-profit organization devoted to printing artists books, artist writings, out of print publications and editions. Primary Information was formed in 2006 by Miriam Katzeff and James Hoff to foster intergenerational...

Princeton University Press
Punto de Vista
Rab-Rab Press

RE:VOIR is a video label for classic and contemporary experimental cinema. The collection currently comprises over seventy titles, including films from the Dadaist, Surrealist and Letterist movements, as well as films from the American avant-...

Red Avocado
Revolver Publishing
RGB Publishing
San Francisco Cinematheque

Since its founding in 1961, San Francisco Cinematheque has become one of the most knowledgeable and respected showcases of experimental film and video in the world. Our intention is to make these works a part of the larger cultural landscape...

United States
Second Run

Second Run are a new UK-based DVD company specialising in the release of important and award-winning films from all around the world.

Second Run films encompass many genres and languages; what distinguishes them is their quality and...

United Kingdom
Sedimental Records

Sedimental exists with the goal of releasing musical material by new, often yet unheard artists, composers and bands. We pride ourselves on releasing debut recordings by young, dynamic musicians. The artists have complete control over the musical...


Artist-made editions