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Name Description Country
San Francisco Cinematheque

Since its founding in 1961, San Francisco Cinematheque has become one of the most knowledgeable and respected showcases of experimental film and video in the world. Our intention is to make these works a part of the larger cultural landscape...

United States
Second Run

Second Run are a new UK-based DVD company specialising in the release of important and award-winning films from all around the world.

Second Run films encompass many genres and languages...

United Kingdom
Sedimental Records

Sedimental exists with the goal of releasing musical material by new, often yet unheard artists, composers and bands. We pride ourselves on releasing debut recordings by young, dynamic musicians. The artists have complete control over the musical...


Artist-made editions

Seven Stories
Severin Films
Shangrila Textos Aparte

Shangrila Textos Aparte es una asociación cultural sin ánimo de lucro, un espacio fuera de cuadro e independiente cuyo fin es abordar a través de la edición de una serie de publicaciones de carácter minoritario la reflexión sobre el cinematógrafo...

Sightline Editions
Sonic Acts Press
Spector Books
St. Lucy Books
Steidl/Santa Monica Museum of Art

STEREOEDITIONS is an independent publisher run by Juliette Liautaud & Helena Gouveia Monteiro

Our editions are focused on artist's books, experimental film and music, with an increasing number of collaborations. We...

Sternberg Press
Straus and Giroux
Strzelecki Books
SUNY press
Susan Chainey