The Institute for the Coordination and Propagation of Exploratory Cinemas (ICPCE) mandate is to promote and diffuse the various shapes of avant-garde cinema, video and digital arts. For this purpose, it organize screening programmes of essential works for the comprehension in the development of exploratory cinemas and/or in the awakening of actual position of atypical cinematographic practices. Moreover, it organizes meetings around nontraditional and adventurous cinematographic experiments to reinforce the dazzling force and revelation of the cinematograph of the origins. Further, it publishes DVD, books or digital documents of works and studies throwing a lighting glance on the strength of the reconquered margins and the occupation of the subterranean cinematographic art.

The institute is member of the international association for the safeguard of endangered cinematographic formats as well as transcontinental corporation for the encouragement and the exploitation of the non-digital avenues for the future of the cinema. The ICPCE is also the initiator of the alliance for the diffusion of films never presented publicly and the instigator of the database on unknown films.