Projektionen: [Chrono]Skopie

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Hus (Inger Lise Hansen, 1998)Projektionen: [Chrono]Skopie
Thursday, December 13 2012, 19:30h
kunstraum t27/Kunstverein Neukölln
Thomasstrasse 27, 12053 Berlin

Curated by D. Phillips, A. Dornieden & J. D. González Monroy

The Kunstverein Neukölln hosts a new show in the series PROJEKTIONEN, with rarely seen films, slides, and other forms of projected performance art.

Can Time be rendered perceptible, such as through a microscope, telescope, endoscope or even  a scopescope?

- Open system (Audiovisual performance) (Jutojo, Overhead projector, 15 min, 2012)
An experiment in visual chemistry, which is exacerbated by an overhead projector.

- Rallye (Romeo Grünfelder, 16mm, 4 min, 2004)
An accident will occur, occurs, has occured; but just as well it happens at the same time that it will take place, already took place and is just about to have taken place it will not have taken place, so that it, before it takes place, did not take place, and as soon as it takes place, it never will have taken place.

- Hus (Inger Lise Hansen, 16mm, 7 Min, 1998)
Hus is a film which attempts to reveal the private and hidden layers of our habitation. It is a live animation film shot on location which incorporates both pixilation (stop motion) and time-lapse photography.

- Sternenschleife – Stars on a Stripe (Dagie Brundert, Super8, 1 Min, 2012)
A short film loop - a homemade Sternoskop - Glitter stars directly onto the film strip!

- Quelques minutes de soleil apres minuit (Audiovisual Performance) (Xavier Quérel, 16mm, 20 Min)
A few minutes after midnight sun.