PLAY Festival 2012. Direct cinema

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Sally GoldingPLAY Festival 2012. Direct cinema
March 29-31, 22h
La Casa Encendida, Ronda Valencia, 2 28012 Madrid

The PLAY Festival brings together visual artists working directly with the projected image and that transform cinema into a performing art. Sally Golding combines performance with projections over his body creating images of phantasmagoria between science and superstition. Takashi Makino acts as a musician accompanying his own films, stunning abstract landscapes made from a very careful work using high-definition pictures. In Anharmonium a laser beam is reflected in a liquid sensitive to minor variations in sound, and space lights in line with the quadrophonic soundtrack. La Chambre Des Machines incorporates the Intonarumoris, sound machines, invented by the Italian Futurists in the early twentieth century. Sculpture combines electronic music with traditional animation zoetrope, disk-based images that turn on themselves, creating movement. Martha Colburn will project her multiple reels of film and slides and manually animate her drawings with the music of saxophonist Hayden Chisholm and composer Juan Felipe Waller.

Update: Today's session (March 29th) has been cancelled and postponed due to the general strike in Spain.