Personal Cinema Series - Tony Conrad

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Personal Cinema Series - Tony Conrad
Saturday, March 27th 2010, 20-22h
Millennium Film Workshop
66 East 4th Street, New York, USA

Tony Conrad - filmmaker, video artist, musician/composer, teacher and writer, Tony Conrad returns to the Millennium with a wide ranging program of rarely seen (and never) seen works and performances created between 1973 and 2008. Conrad’s film The Flicker, is a notorious classic of the underground cinema of the 60s. Before that he created the soundtrack for Jack Smith’s Flaming Creatures. In the 1970s, the premiere of his Yellow movies Exhibition was held at Millennium. The artist will be present to introduce and discuss the works shown.

- Putin’s gas station (3 min., 2003)
- Your friend (10 min., 2008),
- Boring film with bowed film - Boring film (14 min., 2008)
- Boring film (Performance work-1974)
- Sip twice sandry (1 min., 1983)
- Three audio pieces: And you will see, Goo goo, They called it (7.5 min., 1973-74)
- Teddy tells jokes (4 Min., 1980)
- Come on in (16 Min., 1986)
- Acropolis lecture (7 min., 2006)
- Enlightenment through experience: Interim semester at Albright College (5 min., 1973)
- Four pieces in collaboration with Joe Gibbons: The producer (13 min., 2005), Literature and revolution (3 min., 1985), On slavery (13 min., 2005), I was just leaving (13 min., 2005).

Admission: $8 / $6 members