OVNI 2008 - Exodus - The margins of the Empire

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Ovni 2008From the press release:

OVNI 2008 Exodus.

The Margins of the Empire.

Centre de Cultura Contemporánia de Barcelona – CCCB.
29th January to 3rd  February 2008.

OVNI – Observatory Archives organized by Observatorio de Video No Identificado, is a thematic project with a clear purpose: to encourage a critique of contemporary culture using different strategies such as video art, independent documentary and mass media archaeology. During the screenings, 20 individual viewing units will allow visitors to consult the entire archives collection: over 2,000 audiovisual documents.

"Open your eyes and look within:
Are you satisfied (with the life youre living)? (...)
So we gonna walk - all right! - through de roads of creation:
We the generation (tell me why!) trod through great tribulation."
Exodus – Bob Marley.

The videos screened at OVNI 2008 will offer an initial reflection on the “marginal” and on the desire to cross margins, on forms of personal or collective exodus – whether physical or as a state of mind. These are perspectives on different forms of marginalisation and exploitation which lie directly under the oppressive vertical force of power: workers in Chinese export factories, clandestine Palestinian day workers in Israel. Perspectives on armed conflict zones that go beyond the “propaganda-counter propaganda” dialectic: in South America, Chechnya, Lebanon, Iraq, Darfur, Afghanistan...

But also reflections and perspectives on other realities and forms of organisation that grow on the margins: self-organisation of the homeless, indigenous communities in Ecuador and Columbia, brotherhoods of transvestites in India, ancient heterodox traditions and their rituals, self-managed collectives in Barcelona, groups of deserts in the US... Together with accounts of dreams and the inner revolution, of seeking and exodus...


Opening :  29th January 20,30pm.
Timetable: From 17pm to 24pm, 30th January to 3rd February.
Parallel Screenings in the Auditorium and the Hall. DVD, Spanish Subtitles.
Presentations: 22pm Hall.
Consultation of the Archives: from 12pm to 23pm in the Hall.

Free  Access