Oporto apresenta #20: Daylight Moon

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"Daylight Moon" by Lewis Klahr
16mm film, color, sound (Optical), 14 ', 2003
Friday, July 16, 2010, 23:00h
Oporto, Salvador Correia de Sá, 42, 2 frente, 1200-399 Lisboa

Lewis Klahr is the long waited follower of Max Ernst and Joseph Cornnell´s surrealist legacy. His films are unique cinematic-collages, uncanny streams of scenarios where subjects and things try (and fail) to fall into an order.
Daylight Moon is an elliptical narrative, a detective story told in images and shadows from old Americana comics and ads. The film reveals a subtle unconscious quest for the unnamed pleasure or crime.

"a melancholic longing for an irrecoverable past" Alexandre Estrela

Oporto is a studio and a non-profit screening room located in Lisboa. Occupying the former Merchant Sailors Union headquarters, Oporto projects from time to time a single unique experimental video or film. The programme is exquisite and extremely slow.The selection of the pieces screened is made, not only on the basis of the work itself, but also on an overall idea of an exquisite corpse . The space is directed by artist Alexandre Estrela, in cooperation with designers and associate program managers Antonio Gomes and Claudia Castelo a.k.a. Barbara Says and artist Miguel Soares. Sponsored by GAU- Gestão de Audiovisuais.