Moving Frames Festival 2010

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Moving Frames Festival 2010
Mytilene, Lesvos, Greece
Festival dates: September 24-6, 2010
Deadline: September 10, 2010

After the last years successful experiment the Alt-Ctrl-Del group organizes the 2nd Animation and Video Art Festival in the city of Mytilene at 24-25 of September. The concept of the Festival remains the same: The use of the space we live and move in, beyond any form of commercial exploitation.

The Moving Frames Festival invites:
1. The artists to send their works, old or new, in order to be presented in different spots in the city of Mytilene. This year we suggest the topic: In-formation (Submission deadline the 10th of September)
2. Festivals, Art groups, Workshops, Non-profit Organizations that work with animation and video art to support and promote this year’s attempt every way possible and also to send us works from their archives in order to present their general contribution to the field of digital art.

Same as last year, the Festival is not a competition. The invitation is open to every form of art that incorporates these concerns und uses digital technology (video-art, animation, experimental video, installations etc.).
The video showings, accompanied by parallel activities, will take place in different spots in the city of Mytilene. The participants themselves will form their spaces.

Access full regulations and application form here.