Migrating Forms 2010

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Migrating Forms logoThe second edition of Migrating Forms, a 10-day festival reincarnation of the NYUFF, will take place next May14–23 at Anthology Film Archives in New York. The festival's extensive programme, divided into 32 sessions, features the latest experimental and documentary films, like Kevin Jerome Everson's Erie, Harun Farocki's Zum Vergleich, the latest films by Robert Todd, Peggy Ahwesh, John Gianvito, Andrew Lampert, Lav Díaz, David Gatten... as well as several partial retrospectives of Jean-Marie Straub, Ed Ruscha, Kerry Tribe, Stanya Kahn and Jean-Pierre Gorin's Southern California trilogy.

Erie (Kevin Jerome Everson, 2010)

Friday May 14
20:30h: Kevin Jerome Everson
- Erie (Kevin Jerome Everson, 81 min., USA, 2010)
This is a collection of single take shots filmed in the communities around Lake Erie that all relate to the experience of Black migration in America.

Saturday May 15
14:00h: Group Program 1
- Soy mi madre (Phil Collins, 28 min., Ireland/Mexico, 2009)
- Belfast Trilogy (Tea at Four o Clock/The Hollow Ball/The Apprentice) (Redmond Entwistle, 9 min., UK, 2009)
- In The Air (Liza Johnson, 22:00, USA, 2009)

15:45h: Group Program 2
- Gathering (Robert Todd, 5 min., USA, 2009)
- 54 Days This Winter 36 Days This Spring for 18 Minutes (Dani Leventhal, 16 min., USA, 2009)
- Golden Hour (Robert Todd, 16 min., USA, 2009)
- Into The Unknown (Deimantas Narkevicius, 20 min., Lithuania/UK, 2009)
- If There Be Thorns (Michael Robinson, 10 min., USA, 2009)

17:45h: Jean-Marie Straub
- Le genou d'Artemide (Jean-Marie Straub, 26 min., France, 2008)
- L’Itinèraire de Jean Bricard (Jean-Marie Straub & Daniele Huillet, 40 min., France, 2008)
- Le Streghe-femmes entre elles (Jean-Marie Straub, 21 min., France, 2009)

19:45h: Group Program 3
- My Way 1 (Amie Siegel, 10 min., USA, 2009)
- My Way 2 (Amie Siegel, 13 min., USA, 2009)
- Kari & Knut (Lars Laumann, 11 min., Norway, 2010)
- After School Special (Corin Sworn, 20 min., Canada/UK, 2009)
- [sic] (Eric Baudelaire, 15 min., France/Japan, 2009)

21:45 p.m.: Soziale Plastik I
Programmed by Brian McCarthy. David Cronenberg’s Stereo (65 min.,Canada 1969) inaugurates this series, to be continued at ISSUE Project Room in the fall, on Joseph Beuys and video abstraction. Cronenberg’s film will be screened with work by Leslie Thornton, Stom Sogo, and Ben Russell.

Sunday May 16Bethlehem (Peggy Ahwesh, 2009)
14:30h: Group Program 4
- Wolfs Froth / Amongst Other Things (Paul Abbott, 15 min., UK, 2009)
- The Task of the Translator (Lynne Sachs, 10 min., USA, 2010)
- to the horse dream of arms (Stephanie Barber, 5 min., USA, 2010)
- Prim Limit (eteam, 32 min., USA, 2009)
- Trans Trans {Transformers Transformed} (Bradley Eros & Tim Geraghty, 12 min., USA, 2009)

16:15h: Kutlug Ataman
- Journey to the Moon (Kutlug Ataman, 79 min., Turkey, 2009)
In 1957, four villagers living in the province of Erzincan in Eastern Turkey attempt to become the first men on the moon.

20:15h: Zhao Liang
- Petition (Zhao Liang, 123 min., China, 2009)
In this documentary, several Chinese citizens travel from their poor, remote villages to Beijing to air their grievances against their local government in a desperate bid to clear their names.

21:00h: Group Program 5
- Ape of Nature (Peggy Ahwesh, 28 min., USA, 2009)
- Kept Alive (Nira Pereg, 23 min., Israel, 2010)
- My Necropolis (Moyra Davey, 32 min., USA, 2009)
- Bethlehem (Peggy Ahwesh, 8 min., USA, 2009)

Monday May 17
19:00h: Made in Hollywood
- Vault (Bruce Yonemoto & Norman Yonemoto, 12 min., USA 1984)
- Made in Hollywood (Bruce Yonemoto & Norman Yonemoto, 56 min., USA, 1990)
Several desperate people, including a small-town gal and a screenwriting couple from NYC, attempt to find fame and fortune in Los Angeles. Starring Patricia Arquette, Mike Kelley, Ron Vawter, and more.

21:15h: Andrew Lampert
- The Golden Mean (Andrew Lampert & Saul Levine, 61 min., USA, 2009)
The two filmmakers capture a bizarre performance by Charlemagne Palestine, who tells tales about Morton Feldman, drinks cognac and plays two Steinway pianos.

Tuesday May 18Golden Hour (Robert Todd, 2009)
18:30h: John Gianvito
- Vapor Trail (Clark) (John Gianvito, 243 min., The Phillipines/USA, 2009)
This documentary explores the toxic contamination that has occurred around abandoned U.S. military bases in the Philippines.

Wednesday May 19
18:30h: Harun Farocki
- In Comparison (Harun Farocki, 70 min., Germany, 2009)
An insightful look at the different ways bricks are manufactured and utilized in different cultures around the world.

20:00h: NDP Exchange Program
Programmed by Matt Keegan & James Richards. A screening of works by Steve Reinke & Jean Paul Kelly, James Richards and others celebrating the spirit and final installment of North Drive Press, the non-thematic artist publication. Presented by North Drive Press.

21:45h: Jesper Nordahl
- The t.A.T.u. Project (Jesper Nordahl, 56 min., Sweden/Russia, 2009)
Profiling the eccentric lesbian Russian pop duo t.A.T.u.

Thursday May 20
18:30h: Lav Díaz
- Butterflies Have No Memories (Lav Díaz, 55 min., The Phillipines/Korea, 2009)
This documentary captures the devastation caused by a goldmine company shutting down their business in the Philippines.

20:00h: Stephanie Spray
- As Long As There's Breath (Stephanie Spray, 57 min., Nepal/USA, 2009)
As Long As There's Breath is a sensitive and sensuous depiction of a Nepali family as it waits for the return of a beloved and absent son.

21:45 p.m.: My Crasy Life
- My Crasy Life (Jean-Pierre Gorin, 95 min., USA, 1992)
In the trilogy's final film, Gorin collaborates with a group of Samoan gang members from Long Beach to create a movie about their lives. My Crasy Life has at its core a commitment, radical in its simplicity: to respect the voice of its subjects.

Friday May 21All That Sheltering Emptiness (Gina Carducci & Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, 2009)
19:00h: Routine Pleasures
- Routine Pleasures (Jean-Pierre Gorin, 81 min., USA, 1985)
The best-known film in Gorin's trilogy focuses on a group of model train enthusiasts who meet near the studio of the director's friend, the painter and critic Manny Farber. Routine Pleasures centers on the notion of work: in their rage for detail, the model railroaders offer a skewed metaphor for the painter's work and my own as a filmmaker.

21:00h: Ed Ruscha: 16mm Films
Introduced by Linda Norden.
- Premium (Ed Ruscha, 24 min., USA 1971)
- Miracle (Ed Ruscha, 28 min., USA 1975).

22:30h: Tube Time!
Triple Canopy’s Sam Frank, Rhizome’s Ceci Moss, dump.fm’s Ryder Ripps and filmmaker Jessie Stead screen their most outrageous online video finds in a tournament to the death.

Saturday May 22
14:00h: Group Program 6
- I Know Where I'm Going (Ben Rivers, 29 min., UK, 2009)
- Minor (Patty Chang, 25 min., USA/China, 2010)

15:30h: Group Program 7
- Whispering Pines #9 (Shana Moulton, 10 min., USA, 2009)
- Hard Feelings (Rich Bott, 5 min., USA, 2010)
- Kegel (Shahryar Nashat, 10 min., Switzerland, 2008)
- Whose Toes (Barry Doupe, 33 min., Canada, 2010)
- Cities of Gold and Mirrors (Cyprien Gaillard, 9 min., France, 2009)

17:15h: Retrospective: Kerry Tribe
This survey of the Los Angeles/Berlin-based artist Kerry Tribe’s moving image works created over the past fifteen years tracks her continued exploration of the limits, failures and crises of cognition. Tribe will present and discuss her projects made for screening and those made for installation.

19:45h: Poto and Cabengo
- Poto and Cabengo (Jean-Pierre Gorin, 77 min., USA, 1976)
Gorin's first solo feature touches on many themes that would remain central to his later work, through the lens of San Diego twins who developed a private language. Gorin's film advances in parallel lines, tracking the media frenzy around the twins, expert analysis of their case, the cultural and linguistic roots of their language and his own involvement in their lives.

21:45h: Group Program 8
- I hate. . . what ? (Mark Ther, 16 min., Czech Republic, 2009)
- Gay Acting Class (Alexandro Segade, 9 min., USA, 2009)
- For Sale, Cougar (Asher Hartman, 14 min., USA, 2009)
- Homegrown (Nina Schwanse & Matt Savitsky, 1 min., USA, 2009)
- All That Sheltering Emptiness (Gina Carducci & Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, 7 min., USA, 2009)
- Fantasy Suite (Kent Lambert, 7 min., USA, 2009)
- Puppy (Matthew Savitksy, 2 min., USA, 2009)
- Charming for the Revolution (Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz, 11 min., USA, 2009)
- k-a-t-e-(s) (Nina Schwanse, 11 min., USA, 2010)

Sunday May 23
14:00h: Group Program 9
- Thale (Barry Doupe, 5 min., Canada, 2009)
- Film For Invisible Ink (David Gatten, 13 min., USA, 2008)
- Journals and Remarks (David Gatten, 15 min., USA, 2009)
- ((((( ))))) (Leslie Thornton, 8 min., USA, 2009)
- The High Trail (Lucien Castaing-Taylor, 7 min., France/UK/USA, 2010)
- Three Short Films on Hawks and Men: fell / his brilliant eye / garden (Ruth MacLennan, 14 min., , 2009)
- The Varieties of Experience (Mungo Thomson, 8 min., USA, 2009)

15:45h: Group Program 10
- Podworka (Sharon Lockhart, 30 min., Poland/USA, 2009)
- Loneliness in West Germany (Declan Clarke, 16 min., , 2009)
- Monuments (Redmond Entwistle, 30 min., UK/USA, 2009)

17:30h: Kamal Aljafari
- Port of Memory (Kamal Aljafari, 63 min., Palestine, 2009)
Port of Memory follows the family of the filmmaker after they receive an order to evacuate their home in ‘Ajami, Jaffa’s once-prosperous sea-front neighbourhood.

19:15h: Luke Fowler
- A Grammar for Listening (Parts 1-3) (Luke Fowler, 58 min., UK, 2009)
Explorations in sound and film featuring collaborations between the filmmaker and sound artists Lee Patterson (Manchester, England) and Toshiya Tsunoda (Yokohama, Japan); and composer Eric La Casa (Paris, France).

20:30h: Films by Stanya Kahn
- Sandra (Stanya Kahn, 31 min., USA, 2009)
- Kathy (Stanya Kahn, 40 min., USA, 2009)
- It's Cool, I'm Good (Stanya Kahn, 35 min., USA, 2010)