Migrating Forms 2009

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Migrating Forms grew out of the New
York Underground Film Festival (1993-2008), a grassroots endeavor that
evolved into a landmark international venue for documentary,
experimental and avant-garde narrative film and video. Over the past
fifteen years, notions of "underground" have changed and NYUFF has
transformed. Migrating Forms continues in the tradition of supporting
and exhibiting underground film and video, focusing on filmmakers
working to reinvent and recontextualize established practices to foster
new forms of media art.

On the next page you'll find the entry form for our 2009 festival, which will be held April 15-19 at Anthology Film Archives in New York. 
We use an online entry form. You will receive
an email confirming receipt of your entry after you submit it. If you
have questions about the entry form or are unable to complete the form
online, email [email protected] 
Please, do not send elaborate presentation materials,
press kits, binders, etc. with your entry. All that is necessary to
send is a clearly identified DVD and, if you like, a synopsis or
contextual statement about your work. These are the only items that the
programmers will see when they evaluate your submission. We don't want
you to pay for unnecessary materials, and they generate lots of waste. 
If your film is selected for the festival we
will contact you about images and press kits. or better yet: put these
materials online and type the URL into your entry form. Also, do not
affix any stickers directly onto your disc, they interfere with our
ability to watch your DVD. 
Early Deadline: December 1, 2008 ($30) 
Regular Deadline: December 15, 2008 ($40)
Late deadline: January 15, 2009 ($50)

unfortunate that we must collect entry fees to offset costs of
producing the festival. We are working to develop an infrastructure
that will enable us to operate without entry fees. Until then, thank
you for sharing your work with us and for supporting us through this
broken system. We know it sucks. 

Continuing a policy of the New York
Underground Film Festival, filmmakers whose work screened with us
during NYUFF may opt to waive the entry fee. If you would like to do
this, please note the title of your film/s that screened at the NYUFF
and the year/s.
If you are working in a
part of the world where an entry fee would prohibit you from submitting
your film, contact us at [email protected] to request a fee
A school may send a bundle of ten or more entries by
multiple entrants (students and/or faculty) for $10 per entry-that is
$10 per film, not per entrant. We do occasionally screen work made by
students, in fact in recent years some have figured prominently in our
programming. And it's always good to get wo Students or educators who
wish to arrange an educational discount may direct an inquiry to
[email protected]