Light Bleeding: Sally Golding, Kerry Laitala & Lynn Loo

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Light Bleeding: Sally Golding, Kerry Laitala & Lynn LooLight Bleeding: Sally Golding, Kerry Laitala & Lynn Loo
Friday October 8th, 20h
Cafe OTO, 18 - 22 Ashwin street, Dalston, London E8 3DL
Tickets : £5 adv. / £6

Rare embodied beams from mistresses of alchemical projection performance. Laitala, Loo and Golding deconstruct cinematic materials and apparatus, slipping between materialist investigation, sculptural forms, and bodily intervention. Cracked cinema for darkroom compositions, light bleed, contorted projection sports, dismembered narrative, whimsical instructional and wanton optics.

Kerry Laitala (USA) Mercurial Cinema
San Francisco filmmaker Kerry Laitala is a gem of the cinematic underworld. Her long engagement with the avant garde processes of cinema position her as one of the most informed process-based artists working within the medium. Harnessing glimmering, fluorescing light, macabre artefacts and an array of abandoned filmic devices and conventions, her films are a deep transgression into the al/chemical side of cinema. The films of Kerry Laitala evoke a glowing world in which spirits, memories and mouldering and artefacts swirl into feverish dreams recalling gothic conditions of poetry and decay. Seeming to hover on the borders of life and death, madness and sanity, these haunting alchemical films raise the dead from long slumbers to become luminous phantoms of flickering cinema. – Steve Polta, SF Cinematheque "Kerry Laitala takes eye-popping visual phenomena and turns it into refined artistry, in a body of work that is playful, visually articulate and a loving homage to the fundamental magic of cinema." - Scott Stark

Sally Golding (Australia) OtherFilm, Abject Leader
Sally Golding’s affair with the black-box-cinema was derailed by her inclination to conceitedly intervene in the presentation of her own work to a live, living, breathing audience. Succumbing to the fascist nature of the screen-beam-audience structure was never Golding’s fancy. Like a doppelganger creeping around to the pleasant screams and laughter of her alter ego audience, she espouses the embodiment of mock horror recipes for disaster. Clinical spectator inquiry, malicious optics, beaten beams, frosted decadence. Engaged in 'expanded cinema', Golding combines film projection with performance and installation. Inclined to mimic the double she has developed works where she projects films directly onto her body and harnesses the audience’s reflections, creating live cine-sculptures and interactions. Golding works solo and with Joel Stern as Abject Leader, a film-sound duo who interrogate cinematic conventions through performance. Co-director of the OtherFilm collective based in Brisbane with Stern and Danni Zuvela, together they have curated memorable, innovative moving-image performance events and exhibitions throughout Australia and internationally.

Lynn Loo (UK)
Lynn Loo is originally from Singapore and currently based in London. Loo made a transition from a music background to filmmaking in 1997.She studied at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where shemade some of her first films that can be described as compositions ofimages and sound that suggest narratives or convey an event withouttext or words. In 2004, her exploration of filmmaking moved to an investigation ofthe celluloid and to presentation of works in performance withmultiple projectors. Her influence came from works of expanded cinema,in particular from the '70s made at the London Filmmakers' Co-op.Since then she has made 'O' (2004), 'Vowels' (2005, 2x 16mmprojection) and 'End Rolls' (2009, 4x 16mm projection). She has alsocollaborated with Guy Sherwin on several film performance pieces andthey have toured together internationally with a programme of livefilm performance works. Her films have been included in international festivals and galleries.Some of her films are in the collection of Asian Film Archive inSingapore. She is a recipient of the Anne Raymond Louis FoundationFellowship, Chicago 2001 and was a fellow artist at The MacDowellColony in New Hampshire in 2004.