The iotaSalon, November 19th

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Luma Nocturna (Sky David, 1974)The iotaSalon
Thursday, November 19, 7:30pm
UCLA Design | Media Arts Department
Broad Art Center, 1st Floor (EDA)
240 Charles E. Young Drive, on the UCLA campus
Westwood, California
FREE admission!

At the iotaSalon, we get together to screen and discuss new experimental works alongside some classics.  We couldn't have been more pleased about the turnout and discussion at our first revitalized salon in October! iota will hold another salon on November 19th in the Broad Art Center on campus, first floor at the EDA screening space.

The theme for this screening is RHYTHM.  How is rhythm dictated in abstract work? Is it musical? Poetic? Biological? Mechanical? How do visual and aural rhythms intertwine or reject each other?

We will screen a historic segment with works on film, followed by a selection of more contemporary works.


Screening on 16mm as part of the historic film segment:
- Mood Contrasts (Mary Ellen Bute, 1956)
- Luma Nocturna (Sky David, 1974)
- Rumble (Jules Engel, 1975)

Screening on video for the contemporary segment:
- Velocity (Iconish and Foraudiofans, 2002)
- Rorschach (Debralee Shelby, 2003)
- 8.1 (Oerd Van Cuijlenborg, 2005)
- Fleshtones (Phil Souper, 2006)
- Runa's Spell (Stephanie Maxwell, 2007)
- Respect for Red and Green (Neil Ira Needleman, 2009)
- New (Untitled) Work (Chris Casady, 2009)