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Exhibition: March 22nd - June 16th 2013
Symposium: Friday March 22 2013
Fundació Joan Miró
Parc de Montjuïc, 08038 Barcelona

Insomnia explores the complex relationships that have developed between art and cinema. The show brings together a number of international artists and includes works and installations by Peter Kubelka, Hollis Frampton, Lis Rhodes, Stan VanDerBeek, Ben Rivers, Dan Graham and Stan Douglas.

As part of the exhibition, on March 22 there will be held a symposium with the participation of David Campany, theorist and professor at the University of Westminster in London and author of one of the texts of the exhibition catalogue; Alex Garcia Düttman, theorist and Professor of Philosophy and Visual Culture at Goldsmiths, University of London; Antonio Alberto Weinrichter, theorist and associate professor at the University Carlos III of Madrid; Neus Miró, curator of the exhibition, and two of the artists participating in the exhibition, Lis Rhodes and Peter Kubelka, who will offer a presentation on their work and its relationship with cinema.

The title Insomnia comes from a text written by Hollis Frampton, one of the artists participating in the exhibition. In a 1971 essay entitled "For a Metahistory of Film: Commonplace Notes and Hypotheses" Frampton finished his thoughts by saying "Film has finally attracted its own Muse. Her name is Insomnia".

Walter Benjamin introduces a major change in the speculative discourse around photography in the field of aesthetics. He replaces the question of its possible relevance to the arts (can a photograph be considered a work of art?) with the effects, contribution and impact that the adoption by the artists had in the territory of art. The theoretical premises of Insomnia derive from a similar position and, in this sense, the exhibition aims to explore some of the consequences that the adoption of the moving image has made in the field of art. The show revolves around questions like: What types of movies have been made in the areas of art; which aspects of language and speech are interested in film and were developed by artists; what aspects of the film have expanded into the field of art being a territory not subordinated to the demands of an industry; which relations are established between image and text, image and time, or between image and space; which parameters time and space have changed in the art spaces in relation to the public.

The tour of the exhibition is organized into four chapters and two areas called transition areas. Visitors will find photographs, books, slide shows, film and video.

Insomnia Symposium
Fundació Joan Miró Auditorium
Friday March 22 2013

10.30 h — Introduction
Rosa Maria Malet, director of the Fundació Joan Miró, and Neus Miró, curator of the exhibition.

11.00 h — In the Light of the Lumières. Art at the Beginnings and Ends of Cinema
David Campany, writer and professor of fotography ar the University of Westminster, London

12.00 h — Why Burn A Photograph? A Film By Hollis Frampton
Alexander García Düttmann, professor of Filosophy and Visual Culture at Goldsmiths, University of London

13.00 h — “Light Music” in Context
Conversation between Lis Rhodes, artist, and Neus Miró, cuurator

16.00 h — Passages of the Cinema to the Art Spaces
Antonio Alberto Weinrichter, professor of Audiovisual Communications at the Universidad Carlos III, Madrid

17.00 h — My Metric Cinema
Peter Kubelka, artist