On Insects - multimedia performance

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A new collaborative media performance presented by Pan:

September, 12 2008 - 8pm - London

On Insects: or Why Do Humans Exist?

A media collaboration with Raymond Salvatore Harmon + Dave Phillips

with Mlhest, Lee Gamble, Mark Durgan

Divus Gallery Unit 30,
30 - 37 Cremer Street, London


Raymond Salvatore Harmon is a cross genre media artist and experimental
filmmaker. He has collaborated extensively with a wide range of of
composers and musicians, including Wolfeyes, Magik Markers, Exploding
Star Orchestra, Rob Mazurek, Chicago Underground Trio, Alan Licht,
Spires that in the Sunset Rise, Blood on the Wall, among many others.

"For Harmon, the visual density of the abstract imagery used will
enable the viewer to enter an almost hypnagogic, liminal state, and
become perceptually distant from the sense of the real. Once the
enveloping visual content has become the landscape of the mind to the
viewer, the subliminal content will have access to the subconscious
mind." - Jack Sargeant


Dave Phillips is a founding member of Fear of God, Schimpfluch-Gruppe,
OHNE, and dead peni. DP researches and ponders existence, behaviours
and value-systems, in a way that, most unscientifically, could be
termed humanimalistic, or intimate. Using sound as main catalyst, his
re/search is for improvement, raising awareness, finding meaning,
tuning senses, seeing the big picture, and some form of release - a
release that often is polemical and cathartic, and one that opposes the
omnipresent reduction of existence, that desires to cast aside artificial arrangements and constraints.