IBAFF 2011

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IBAFF logoIBAFF 2011
January 31st-February 5th 2011, Murcia, Spain
Deadline December 10th 2010

The second edition of IBAFF (Ibn Arabi Film Festival) provides this year an official section award and also a section of selected films from other international festivals which also encourage universal conciliation, respect towards diverse beliefs and the culture of understanding.

Based on the concept Travel and Creation, films competing for the official section are mainly based on travel in all its guises; from geographical trips to human or even spiritual introspections.

The festival is going to be an open door towards the dialogue and recognition of the dignity of others. It will serve as a model for the spiritual journey towards unity and opposite world conjunction. We took the name of the festival from the great Sufi mystic born in Murcia 1165 Ibn Arabí because of the inseparable dimensions of his life is very close to the concept of the whole festival.

For the presentation of films in the Official Section of the second edition of the IBAFF it is necessary to send copies of the film on DVD accompanied by the correctly completed registration sheet.

The IBAFF festival is organized by the Puertas de Castilla Cultural Center and Murcia Town Hall. All communications should be sent to the following address:

IBAFF-Ibn Arabi Film Festival
Avda Miguel de Cervantes 1
30009 Murcia
Telephone Number.: (+34) 968 27 41 10
[email protected] , [email protected]

The deadline for receiving work is December 10th 2010. Feature films, documentaries, short films, video art, and audiovisual pieces can be entered into the competition. The work can be in any genre, and must be in 16mm, 35mm or video format. The work must have been made in 2005 or any year after.

Films which do not have Castilian Spanish as the original language should have subtitles in Spanish, or, if this is not possible, in English. The Films will be selected and awarded prizes by members of the International jury. The award for the Official Section will be 6000 euros.

The extracts from the Films will only be used for the promotional needs of the festival and the Official Section of the festival. The organizing committee of the festival will decide the days and times when the selected films will be shown. The copies sent in will not be returned to their representatives and will remain in the IBAFF (Ibn Arabi Film Festival) archive. Participation in the Official Section of the festival implies the acceptance of the regulation stated here.