Grahame Weinbren: 70 Letters

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Grahame Weinbren: 70 Letters
Sunday March 24th 2013, 21h
Experimental Intermedia
224 Centre Street at Grand, Third Floor, New York 10013

Grahame Weinbren will screen the latest version of his Letters project at Experimental IntermediaLetters consists of an indeterminate number of films, each one minute in duration, and connected 'in one way or another' with a letter of the alphabet. It is a kind of test-ground for ideas about cinema, both technical and conceptual, but also for another kind of idea, the externalization of an inner life, inasmuch as that tired phrase describes anything.

Letters is 'interactive' in the dumbest sense -- the audience determines, by acclamation, which of the films will be screened next. This means that every screening is fresh and different: not only are there new films each time, but the sequence is never the same, which this casts the whole event in a different light. 'Experimental' in the sense that each screening is an experiment.