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  • Transfera TV Videoart #36: Gao Shiqiang

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    Next Friday November 6th at 21:00 PM and Saturday 7th at 9:00 AM,
    Transfera TV will broadcast from Madrid the following program of Audio Visual Art:

    Monographics: Gao Shiqiang

    - Chamber Theatre 3: Womb (2005)  12' 20"
    - Among (2004)  9' 48"

    You can access to all the information at the Transfera website

    We desire you, as always, the best luck!

    Transfera Staff


  • Female Fragrance

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    Female Fragrance
    London Slade School of Fine Art
    Friday 9 October 2009, from 11am to 4pm

    A seminar looking at the history of Swedish Experimental Film and Video Art. Arranged in conjunction with two evenings celebrating Swedish female video art hosted by the Swedish ambassador Mr. Staffan Carlson.


  • 25 FPS Festival Awards 2009

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    Awards at the 2009 edition of the 25 FPS Film Festival:

    Still in cosmos (Makino Takashi, 2008)

    Juror Erwin van ‘t Hart (NL):
    Grand prix: Still in cosmos (Makino Takashi, Japan, 18'00'', HDCam)
    Special Mention: Domenica 6 Aprile, ore 11:42 (Flatform, Italy, 6'12'', Digibeta)

    Juror Ana-Marija Koljanin (HR):
    Grand prix: 1859 (Fred Worden, USA, 11'00'', Digibeta)
    Special Mention: Trypps #6 (Malobi) (Ben Russell, USA/Surinam, 12'00'', 16mm)

    Juror Milena Gierke (DE):
    Grand prix: Gregor Alexis (Jana Debus, Germany, 20'00'', Beta SP)
    Special Mention: Retouches (Georges Schwizgebel, Switzerland, 05'35'', 35mm)

    Critics Jury Award: contre-jour (Christoph Girardet & Matthias Müller, Germany, 10'40'', 35mm)
    Special Mention: Westcoast (Ulu Braun, Germany, 7'20'', HDCam)

    Fuji Award: Trees of Syntax, Leaves of Axis (Daichi Saito, Canada, 10'00'', 35mm)

    Audience Award: Reise zum Wald (Jörn Staeger, Germany, 7'03'', 35mm)


  • EXiS 2009 awards

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    These are the winner films in the korean EXiS film festival competition:

    Best EXiS Award
    - Battements Solaires
    by Patrrick Bokanowski

    EXiS Award
    - Coagulate by Mihai Grecu

    Korean EXiS Award
    - From Dust to Dust:The Chronicles of Women in Naegok-ri, Kyungsang Province by Cho, Hye-Jeong

    Fuji Film Award
    - The Garden of Earthy Delights by Izabella Pruska-Oldenhof
    - Lost World
    by Gyula Nemes

    Avid Award
    - Written on the body by M.J. One
    - Running Sushi
    by Mara Mattuschka & Chris Haring

    JungWoon Award
    - The Parallel Situation by Seungae
    - Self-Portrait by Kim, Eun-Jung


  • From ecstasy to rapture

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    Impresiones en la alta atmósfera (José Antonio Sistiaga, 1989)From ecstasy to rapture. 50 years of the Other Spanish Cinema is the name of the touring retrospective, a co-production between the CCCB and SEACEX. featuring an anthology of the Spanish experimental cinema from the mid-1950s and on. The retrospective will be divided in six themed programmes featuring 43 works, screened in 35mm and Betacam, all of them featuring restored and/or new prints. The list of authors selected for this anthology is impressive: representatives from the late 50s (José Val del Omar, Joaquim Puigvert and Eugenio Granell), the 1970s (Carles Santos, Javier Aguirre, Eugeni Bonet, José Antonio Sistiaga and Iván Zulueta) and the younger generations from the late 1990s-2000s (David Domingo, Oriol Sánchez and Laida Lertxundi). The retrospective has already eigth confirmed venues: ACMI, Melbourne (Oct.2009), Anthology Film Archives-New York (Mar.2010), National Gallery-Washington (Jan.-Feb.2010), Bass Museum of Art of Miami (Jan.-Feb.2010), Image Forum Experimental Film Festival-Tokyo (Apr.2010), MNCARS-Madrid (May.2010), CCCB-Barcelona (May.2010) and TATE-London (Mar.-Apr.2011); and nearly twenty more in preparation for the next three years.

    The retrospective will have a 2-disc DVD catalogue featuring 31 films and a 160-page booklet, to be released by Spanish publisher Cameo next October 7th.


  • tank tv: Michael Robinson

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    Chiquitita And The Soft Escape (Michael Robinson, 2003) dedicates its September exhibition to the film and video work of Michael Robinson, a young american filmmaker and photographer who combines found and his own footage in new ways, exploring the relationships and narratives that surge form their distance.
    The exhibition presents the practical totality of Robinson's work from the last 6 years: You Don’t Bring Me Flowers (16mm color film, 8:00, 2005), Hold Me Now (DV, 5 min., 2008), The General Returns From One Place To Another (16mm color film/DV, 11:00, 2006), And We All Shine On (16mm color film, 7:00, 2006), Light Is Waiting (DV, 11:00, 2007), Chiquitita And The Soft Escape (16mm color film, 10:00, 2003), All Through The Night (DV, 4:00, 2008), Carol Anne Is Dead (DV, 7:30, 2008) and Victory Over The Sun (16mm color film, 12:30, 2007).

    Michael Robinson @ from September 2nd to 22nd.


  • Abstracta 2009 awards

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    Abstracta, the abstract cinema film festival, has made public its awards for the 2009 edition.

    Winners, ex aequo

    - Before the election (2009) Shun Yu Mo, China
    - Ironwood (2009) Richard Tuohy, Australia

    Honorable mentions of the jury

    - Free women (2008/2009) Viviane Vagh, France.
    - In girum (2008) Nick Cope, GB.
    - Lost in the desert (2008) Shoa Abu Hussien, Egypt.
    - M (2009) Félix Dufour-Laperrière, Canada.
    - Lipton files (2006) Justin Wiggan, GB.
    - Intermezzo (2006) Rafael Balboa Rivera, Mexico.
    - Vagina cosmica (2009) Otolab(Luca Pertegato e Fabio Volpi), Italy.


  • Experimental Conversations Summer Issue

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    The new issue of online magazine Experimental Conversations is out. The summer issue is full of interesting articles such as the ones on Hollis Frampton, Alan Lambert's film Ouroboros, and a review of the Márgenes 2009 festival.


    - Editorial
    - Hollis Frampton: Words & Pictures by Matt Packer
    - Impressions of 'Ouroboros' by Maximilian Le Cain
    - The Cards Are Laid Out by Peter Murray
    - Video, Landscape and the Politics & Poetics of Place in Ireland by Caoimhín Mac Giolla Léith
    - Cache by Phillina Sun

    - Cinema Now Wants A Body Or The Politics Of The Red Carpet
    - In Search of Utopia
    - Margenes '09


  • Antoni Muntadas receives the Velazquez Award

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    Antoni Muntadas - The Board Room (Boston, 1987)Antoni Muntadas (Barcelona, 1942) has received the Velazquez Award, granted by the Spanish Ministry of Culture, for 'his work as a pioneer of spanish videoart and his conceptual enquiries on the power mechanisms and the reality built by the mass-media' . Muntadas , who lives and works in New York since 1971, is a multimedia artist who uses photography, video, publications, internet and multi-media installations to address social, political and communication issues.

    Muntadas has received several prizes and grants including a fellowship from the Guggenheim Foundation, the Rockefeller foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, the New York State Council on the Arts, Arts Electronica in Linz/Austria, Laser d'Or in Locarno, Switzerland and the Premi Nacional d'Arts Plastiques de la Generalitat de Catalunya. He currently teaches in the Visual Arts Program at MIT Boston .