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  • Glasgow Film Festival announces first Margaret Tait Award

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    Margaret TaitThe Glasgow Film Festival has just announced a new award for artists working with film and video, named after the pioneering Scottish artist filmmaker Margaret Tait (1918-1999).

    Supported by The Scottish Arts Council, Scottish Screen and in partnership with LUX, The Margaret Tait Award will recognise artists who are experimental, innovative and who work within film and moving image. The aim of The Margaret Tait Award is to support artists and provide a high profile platform from which to exhibit their work and engage with a wider audience.

    The recipient of The Margaret Tait Award will receive a £10,000 commission to make a new work for Glasgow Film Festival 2011 and to tour through LUX.

    Nominations Procedures and Eligibility

    - Nominations are sought for artists who have developed a significant body of work over the past 3–10 years and are at the cusp of a major impact on the sector
    - The award will recognise artists living or working in Scotland
    - Students are not eligible for nomination
    - There is no age restriction

    To nominate please submit the following to [email protected] by 5 Feb 2010.

    - 200 words on the artist's career to date, their impact on the sector and why they should be nominated
    - a link/url to artists website or online example of work if available

    Read more about Margaret Tait and watch some of her films at luxonline


  • Iván Zulueta (1943-2009)

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    Iván ZuluetaIván Zulueta (San Sebastián, 1943), prominent spanish film director and designer died last December 30th 2009 at the age of 66. Zulueta worked in many fields: cinema, photography, painting and designer of posters and music album covers. His best known work is his feature film 'Arrebato' (Rapture, 1979), considered as a cult film and that received a late recognition getting the Golden Award at the XI Festival de Cine Español de Málaga. Specially worthy of notice are the super-8 films he shot in the mid-seventies: Mi ego está en babia (1975), Aquarium (1975), A Mal Gam A (1976), El mensaje es facial (1976) and Leo es pardo (1976).

    Zulueta's best works can be watched as part of the touring retrospective 'Del éxtasis al arrebato' (Arrebato) and its DVD/catalogue (A mal gam a).


  • Incite! #2 preview

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    Incite logoThe contents of online journal Incite! #2, "Counter-Archive" have been confirmed.
    In the next issue:

    - CINEMA IS NOT THE WORLD by Ben Russell
    - Relational Filmmaking Manifesto by Julie Perini
    - JAWA Manifesto by Tasman Richardson
    - Interview with Michael Robinson by Cat Tyc
    - Mike Maryniuk: Prairie Landfill Surrealist by Dave Barber
    - Notes on 1919 by Noam Gonick
    - What is an Archive? by Ryan Tebo
    - Overall view drawings by Jenny Perlin
    - Interview with Cory Arcangel by Walter Forsberg
    - On Glitching and Ceibas Cycle diagram by Evan Meaney
    - Everyday Ethics by Brittany Shoot
    - Interview with Aleesa Cohene by Brett Kashmere
    - Stan Brakhage Visionary Title Generator by Michael Betancourt
    - Interview with Bruce Conner (on Arthur Lipsett) by Amelia Does
    - Representing the Unrepresentable: Bruce Conner’s Crossroads and the Nuclear Sublime by William C. Wees
    - The Unstable Eye: Paolo Gioli’s Film Practice Seen through Paul Virilio by Bart Testa
    - FILM IS…NOT FILM by Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder

    Plus films and videos by Noam Gonick, Jason Orman, Bryan Konefsky, Nicola Bergstrom & Valdemar Lindekrantz, Tasman Richardson, Simon Aeppli, Penny Lane & Jessica Bardsley, Jo SiMayala Alcampo, Evan Meaney, Philip Widmann and a video-game by I LOVE PRESETS!


  • Cinema Project Needs You!

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    Cinema Project seeks new office and screening space

    Recently, the lease on Cinema Project's donated office and screening space was abruptly canceled. We initially need a replacement office immediately with a minimum of 200 square feet to house our organizational records and work station for administrative staff.

    A shared or dedicated screening space is also on our wish list. Our spring season begins in late February and we need to find a space that can hold at least 50 audience members with storage for projection and sound equipment. As in the past, we are seeking property owners or lessees generous enough to donate screening and/or office space or steeply discount our lease rate.

    Please contact Autumn at [email protected] to suggest any potential leads.


  • Transfera TV Videoart #37: Gao Shiqiang II

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    Next Friday November 13th at 21:00h and Saturday 14th at 9:00h, Transfera TV will broadcast from Madrid a special program of Audio Visual Art of one hour duration:

    Monographics: Gao Shiqiang II

    - Red (China, 2008) 50' 06"

    You can access to all the information at Transfera website.

    Soon we will begin report on the Video Art Mostra MADATAC, that will take place in Madrid between the 10th and 12th of December.

    We hope to see you there.

    All the best .

    Transfera Staff


  • LUX Associate Artists 2009/10 Announced

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    LUX Associate Artists 2009/10 Announced

    4 November, 2009

    LUX is pleased to announce the selection of the eight LUX associate artists for its 2009/10 programme. The artists are Paul Abbott, Mark Barker, Erik Blinderman, Lucy Clout, Kim Coleman, Jenny Hogarth, Maria Taniguchi and Cara Tolmie.

    The LUX Associate Artists Programme (AAP) is a unique 12 month post-academic programme for artists working with the moving image. It aims to provide an intensive course of development focused on critical discourse, extending to the practical and infrastructural issues that present challenges for artists working with the medium through seminars, mentorship and a final funded public project. See for more details.

    The programme is lead by Ian White, writer, artist and adjunct film curator of Whitechapel and is generously funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

    The programme is managed and facilitated by LUX, an arts agency which explores ideas around artists' moving image practice through exhibition, distribution, publishing, education and research.

    This is the third year of the LUX AAP. The second year’s associates (Luke Fowler, Laura Gannon, Duncan Marquiss, Laure Prouvost, Grace Schwindt, Samuel Stevens, Stina Wirfelt and Emma Wolukau-Wanambwa) have just completed the programme and are working towards a final project which will be launched in Spring 2010.

    Speakers and mentors on the programme so far have included John Akomfrah, Robert Beavers, Gregg Bordowitz, JJ Charlesworth, Adam Chodzko, Stuart Comer, Adam Curtis, Stephan Dillemuth, Kodwo Eshun, Ryan Gander, Neil Gray, Graham Gussin, Chrissie Iles, Mary Kelly, Mark Leckey, Francis McKee, Daria Martin, Simon Martin, Jan Mot, Laura Mulvey, Rosalind Nashashibi, Uriel Orlow, Maureen Paley, Pawel Pawlikowski, Gail Pickering, Josephine Pryde, Steve Reinke, Polly Staple and Hito Steyerl, Catherine Sullivan, Stephen Sutcliffe and David Toop.


  • Transfera TV Videoart #36: Gao Shiqiang

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    Next Friday November 6th at 21:00 PM and Saturday 7th at 9:00 AM,
    Transfera TV will broadcast from Madrid the following program of Audio Visual Art:

    Monographics: Gao Shiqiang

    - Chamber Theatre 3: Womb (2005)  12' 20"
    - Among (2004)  9' 48"

    You can access to all the information at the Transfera website

    We desire you, as always, the best luck!

    Transfera Staff


  • Female Fragrance

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    Female Fragrance
    London Slade School of Fine Art
    Friday 9 October 2009, from 11am to 4pm

    A seminar looking at the history of Swedish Experimental Film and Video Art. Arranged in conjunction with two evenings celebrating Swedish female video art hosted by the Swedish ambassador Mr. Staffan Carlson.