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  • MoCC Foundation 2008 Grants

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    The Museum of Contemporary Cinema Foundation is now accepting applications for the 2008 grants. Two grants in the amount of 4,000 Euros each are available this year. The grants are open to experimental films, as well as experimental film installations and
    performances. The deadline is May 15th, 2008. The entry form and information can be downloaded at :


  • LIFT - Visiting Artist in Residence 2008/2009

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    Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT)
    Call For Submissions — Visiting Artist in Residence 2008/2009

    The Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto (LIFT) is seeking
    residency applications from international artists for 2-6 week
    individual production residencies to take place between fall 2008 and
    spring 2009. LIFT is a member-driven non-profit organization that
    provides affordable access to equipment, education and space for those
    who want to make films, out of a passion for, and commitment to, the
    practice of filmmaking on celluloid. We offer a wide range of film
    based technologies ranging from 8mm, Super 8, 16mm, Super 16mm, and
    35mm production equipment, editing equipment, optical printers, contact
    printers, animation stands, a darkroom and more. Toronto also offers a
    wide range of lab facilities, including Niagara Custom Lab, which can
    meet nearly any film-related need.

    LIFT’s residency program focuses on the production of film-based works
    with equipment and facilities to which the artist would not have access
    in their local region. Artists are expected to be at an established
    point in their practice (although not necessarily working predominantly
    with film). Applicants should also consider what they would bring to
    the Toronto community in terms of community collaboration, teaching,
    artist talks and/or presentation activities.

    The maximum cash funding for projects is $3,000 (CND) for travel,
    accommodation and per diems. Equipment and facilities will be provided
    by LIFT to a maximum of $5,000 (CDN), LIFT equipment rates can be found
    at The artist is responsible for the costs of all film
    stock, chemicals, lab fees and other expendables.

    Interested artists should submit proposals, including:
    •    Proposal/Artist statement (including how they intend to engage the
    local community during their stay and how coming to LIFT will create
    access to equipment or facilities not available at their home location)
    •    curriculum vitæ
    •    Proposed budget (including funding sources for materials)
    •    Visual support material of past work (do not send originals, documentation will not be returned)

    Interdisciplinary projects are welcome, however film (celluloid) must
    play a central role in the project. Applicants should have an
    established artistic practice, although artists previously working in
    other media are welcome. Applicants are not required to be English
    speakers however all applications must be submitted in English.

    Submissions must be received by mail no later than April 15, 2008.
    Proposals are submitted on the understanding that the project’s
    execution is contingent on funding yet to be secured.

    Questions to: Ben Donoghue – Executive Director: [email protected]
    Send applications to: LIFT, 171 East Liberty Street – Suite 301, Toronto, ON, M6K 3P6


  • Ann Arbor Film Festival reaches its fundraising goal

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    Endangered campaign September 18, 2007 - February 3, 2008: $75,000 goal reached

    In September 2007 we announced that the Ann Arbor Film Festival was an endangered species, threatened with extinction by funding cuts and government censorship. Thanks the incredible and generous support of our worldwide community, our campaign to financially recover succeeded.

    As part of the Endangered campaign, the volunteers and staff of the Ann Arbor Film Festival performed several Acts of Audacity, which can be viewed here. The acts were chosen by donors, who voted each time they made a contribution (as explained in our instructional video).

    The third and final donor-decided Act of Audacity will be executive director Christen McArdle going on a quest to "kidnap" Jon Stewart and hold him hostage until he writes and performs an original haiku. We expect this to go online by mid-March. To keep abreast of fest updates, news and goings on, sign up for our eNewsletter PROJECTIONS here.

    While the festival is currently restored to health, we continue to work hard to champion independent filmmakers, artists, and showcase the most daring, visionary, inspired cinema in the world. Join with us to support the artists and ideals of the AAFF!


  • NSFC's Best 2007 experimental film

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    rofit Motive and the Whispering WindJohn Gianvito's Profit Motive and the Whispering Wind (USA, 2007, 58 min, DigiBeta) was selected as the Best Experimental Film of 2007 by the National Society of Film Critics last Saturday.
    You can find a great article by Michael Sicinski about the film at Cinemascope


  • Menken, Jacobs, selected for film preservation

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    menken_garden.jpgThe Library of Congress (USA) has announced its National Film Registry selections for the year 2007. Among the 25 films selected for preservation for being "culturally, historically or aesthetically" significant are experimental classics Marie Menken's Glimpse of the Garden (1957) and Ken Jacobs' Tom, Tom the Piper’s Son (1969-71). Last year's selection included the films Early Abstractions #1-5,7,10 (Harry Smith, 1939-56) and Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania  (Jonas Mekas, 1971-72).

    Glimpse of the Garden (1957)
    Though Marie Menken’s volatile marriage to Willard Mass served as the inspiration for playwright Edward Albee in his 1962 play, “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf,” her surprisingly joyful and simple films rate among the more accessible works of avant-garde filmmakers. The beautifully lyrical “Glimpse of the Garden” is a serendipitous visual tour of a flower garden set to a soundtrack of bird calls.

    Tom, Tom the Piper’s Son (1969-71)
    Ken Jacobs’ landmark avant-garde film reverently re-photographs an early cinema short of the fairy tale song to explore the parameters of film art.  A “structuralist film” masterpiece, Jacobs uses techniques ranging from slow and studied examinations of individual paper print images to probing experiments in manipulation of motion and light.


  • Phil Solomon to receive the Thatcher Hoffman Smith Prize

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    Phil SolomonPhil Solomon (Remains to be seen 1989, Walking distance 1999) has been awarded with the 2007 Thatcher Hoffman Smith Creativity in Motion prize by the University of Oklahoma College of Arts and Sciences for his work American Falls. This prize "celebrates a visionary creative work
    in process, recognizing the power of original thought and expression in
    possibly enriching the world around us"

    Solomon, professor of film studies at the University of Colorado (Boulder, USA) is currently working on American Falls, ("a Sistine Chapel for the American Dream”) a six-channel, surround-sound digital video installation which will be projected on the walls of the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. in early fall 2008.


  • Isidore Isou (1925-2007)

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    Isou - Traité de bave et d'éternitéIsidore Isou, the romanian-born french writer, passed away last July 28th in Paris. Isou, founder of the lettrist movement and author of the Manifeste du cinéma discrépant, which systematized the separation between image and sound in the cinema, had been very ill in the last years of his life.

    His most known cinematic work, Traité de bave et d'éternité (1951) has been recently published in the USA by Kino in the DVD compilation Avant-Garde 2: Experimental Cinema 1928-1954 and will be available later this year in a new restored edition by Re:Voir


  • Alberto Grifi (1938-2007)

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    Alberto GrifiAlberto Grifi, considered the father of italian experimental cinema died last Sunday in Rome at the age of 69. Among his most important works are La verifica incerta (1964) and Anna (1972-75). The last of these was shot by Grifi originally on video, and transferred to film by means of one of his inventions, the vidigrafo (videograph). There's a DVD edition of his works planned for release later this year.


  • Images Festival 2007 Awards

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    Images 2007The 20th Images Festival closed last weekend. These are the winners of the 2007 competition:

    - Images Prize for the Best Canadian Media Artwork in the festival:
    David Hoffos (Lethbridge, Alberta) for Scenes From the House Dream:
    Bachelor’s Bluff

    - National Film Board of Canada Award:
    awarded by the NFB to the Best Emerging Canadian Film or Video Maker in the festival:
    Andrea Cooper (Toronto) for Strange Things and Oh, Darlin…

    - Best International On Screen (Film) Award:
    Gerhard Holthuis (the Netherlands) Careless Reef #1

    - Preface
    Best International On Screen (Video) Award: Julia Meltzer and David Thorne / The Speculative Archive (USA) for We will
    live to see these things, or, five pictures of what may come to pass.

    - Best Off Screen Award: ex-aequo to Lonnie van Brummelen (the Netherlands) for Grossraum at
    Gallery TPW
      and to Thomas Köner + Jürgen Reble (Germany) for Quasar

    Steam Whistle Homebrew Award: for excellence and promise in a local artist to Christina Battle (Toronto) for Three Hours, Fifteen Minutes Before the Hurricane Struck

    Overkill Award: for artists "whose work approaches extremes of incorrigibility through form
    and/or content, and challenges our notions of edgy experimental
    practice" to
    Bruce McClure (New York) for They Wakened Later, Simultaneously, Much
    . Honourable mention to Jennet Thomas (London, UK) for Because of
    the War


  • CD Benefit For Kenneth Anger

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    Musicians David Tibet, William Breeze (Current 93) in association with Mark Logan of Jnana Records have announced the forthcoming release of a benefit music album for Kenneth Anger, titled Brother Focus: For the Inaugurator of the Pleasure Dome. Anger is currently recovering after having underwent a major surgical operation last February.

    The album will feature tracks by artists Marc Almond , Andrew WK, Antony, William Basinski, Baby Dee, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, The Bricoleur, Carter-Tutti, Michael Cashmore with Bill Fay, Coil, Current 93, Gravetemple (Oren Ambarchi, Attila Csihar and Stephen O'Malley), Hush Arbors, Lynn Jackson, Little Annie, Othon Mataragas, Matmos, Nurse With Wound, Diana Rogerson, Six Organs Of Admittance, Matt Sweeney, JG Thirlwell and the Threshold House Boys Choir.