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Twenty-three films from 15 countries make up the Official Selection of the fourteenth edition of Punto de Vista Festival, which will be held in Pamplona between 2-7 March 2020. Of the 23, five are feature-length and eighteen are shorts, selected among over 1,000 submitted films. 

The countries of origin of the selected films are: United States, Belgium, Brazil, France, the Netherlands, Portugal, Tunisia, Argentina, Egypt, United Kingdom, Spain, Colombia, Lebanon, Syria and Kurdistan. In 10 programmes, the Official Selection presents films that explore the wide range of contemporary and avant-garde audiovisual languages, with a great variety of themes. Some of the explorations and recurrent themes are the search for one’s origins and identity by young filmmakers who reconstruct their family history, feminist voices from the generational and creative shift, and reflections on material inheritance and conservationist demands with a feminist perspective, with particular emphasis on the observation of the times and dynamics of the world of nature.

Great names of contemporary filmmaking will be present in the Official Selection: Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Ben Rivers, Éric Baudelaire, Lynne Sachs, Ana Vaz and Laura Huertas Millán, among others. The Official Selection has been programmed by Nuria Cubas, Matías Piñeiro, María Palacios Cruz, Miguel Zozaya and Garbiñe Ortega.

3 films are world premieres, 2 are international premieres (i.e. the first time that the film is screened outside its country of origin) and 12 are Spanish premieres, confirming Punto de Vista as an unmissable event for non-fiction cinema at national and international level.


1. “A Month of Single Frames”, Lynne Sachs, made for and with Barbara Hammer (USA, 14').
2. “A Tongue Called Mother”, Eva Giolo (Belgium, 18'). Premiere in Spain.
3. “Apiyemiyekî?”, Ana Vaz (Brazil/France/the Netherlands/Portugal, 28'). Premiere in Spain.
4. “Apparition”, Ismaïl Bahri (Tunisia/France, 3'). Premiere in Spain.
5. “Aquí y allá”, Melisa Liebenthal (Argentina/France, 21'). Premiere in Spain.
6. “Avant d'oublier Héliopolis”, Valentin Noujaïm (France/Egypt, 23'). International premiere.
7. “Cézanne”, Luke Fowler (UK/France, 6'). Premiere in Spain.
8. “Early Years”, Morgan Quaintance (UK, 15'). Premiere in Spain.
9. “He venido a leer la noche”, Manuel Fernández-Valdés (Spain, 92').
10. “Jiíbie”, Laura Huertas Millán (Colombia/France, 25'). Premiere in Spain.
11. “La espada me la ha regalado”, Miriam Martín (Spain, 18'). Premiere in Spain.
12. “Malembe”, Luis Arnías (Venezuela / USA, 13’). World premiere.
13. “Małni. Towards the Ocean, Towards the Shore”, Sky Hopinka (USA, 80'). International premiere.
14. “Notas, Encantaciones: Parte I”, Alexandra Cuesta (Ecuador / USA, 19’). World premiere.
15. “Now, at last!”, Ben Rivers (Brazil/UK, 39').
16. “Once removed”, Lawrence Abu Hamdan (Lebanon, 29'). Premiere in Spain.
17. “Overseas”, Sung-A Yoon (Belgium/France, 90'). Premiere in Spain.
18. “Playback. Ensayo de una despedida”, Agustina Comedi (Argentina, 14’). Premiere in Spain.
19. “Queen”, Kathryn Elkin (UK, 13').
20. “Reserve”, Gerard Ortín (Spain, 27'). World premiere.
21. “Un film dramatique”, Éric Baudelaire (France, 114').
22. “Valdediós”, Elena Duque (Spain, 3’).
23. “Who Is Afraid of Ideology?”, Marwa Arsanios (Lebanon/Kurdistan/Syria, 54’). Premiere in Spain.


The Official Jury will award the following prizes:

▪ Gran Premio Punto de Vista for the best film: 10,000 euros. The prize will be awarded to the film considered the best in the Official Selection of the festival, regardless of its duration or nationality.

▪ Premio Jean Vigo for the best director: 5,000 euros. The prize pays a specific tribute to the figure of Jean Vigo and will be awarded to the film in the Official Selection that best represents the ethical and formal values stated in his work.

▪ Prize for the best short: 3.000 euros. Awarded to the best film with a duration equal to or less than 35 minutes.

The following special prizes are also awarded:

▪ Special Public Prize for the best film: 1,650 euros.

▪ Youth Prize for the best film: 1,500 euros.


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