Missing Observer Studies, no. 5

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In this new issue of Missing Observer Studies, Huner Francis is happy to feature a selection from "On the Island..." (2020/ongoing) by the artist Daniel & Clara.


(December 17th, 2020—January 15th, 2021)

Presented alongside a written response from the artist, 'On the Island...' depicts moments of time on Mersea island, "standing, looking, listening, laying, sitting and daydreaming within the landscapes."

***Best if viewed on a laptop/desktop browser.
Daniel & Clara are two humans, one artist. They are on a journey exploring dimensions real and imagined, the results of which consist of moving image, photography, installation, letters and performance. Since meeting in 2010 they have dedicated themselves to a shared life of creative exploration, they discarded their birth genders, nationality and family names to form a single artist.
Missing Observer Studies is a time focused online cinema/journal/diary dedicated to the elongation, suspension, and untimeliness of time.


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