Long out-of-print Warhol monograph by Easterwood & Theise available on Monoskop

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In late 1989, Kurt Easterwood and I began collaborating on what turned into a 52 page monograph devoted to the films of Andy Warhol. It had a small print run and was sold for a nominal price at San Francisco Bay Area screenings of the first batch of films to be restored and distributed by the Warhol Film Project. Poke around the Internet and you'll find some in library collections, some at rare bookstore or auction sites.

Kurt and I recently – and synchronistically – came to the conclusion that the monograph should be widely available and I resurrected it from an old ASCII export. The resulting facsimile PDF, with fresh prefaces, is now up on Monoskop. It was released on 5 May to commemorate the passing of curator Callie Angell. Among other things, the monograph contains my essay on Empire that Angell credited with being the first recognition of the "embedded clock" that allowed the Film Project to correctly sequence the reels. - Eric Theise



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