FNC Lab 2010

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FNC Lab logoFNC Lab, the section dedicated to 'cinema & experimentation' of Montreal's Festival du nouveau cinéma (October 13-24) returns this fall with a very appealing set of activities. This year's edition will present the world premiere of the documentary film Free Radicals by Pip Chodorov (portraying some of the defining artists and filmmakers such as Len Lye, Jonas Mekas, Robert Breer, Stan Brakhage, Hans Richter, Maurice Lemaître and Peter Kubelka); retrospectives on the work of Marie Losier, David Olsen and Chick Strand; and four group programmes including the latest films by Guy Maddin, Barbara Meter, Solomon Nagler, Bill Morrison, Peter Tscherkassky and Martin Arnold, among others. The festival also offers several installations, evenings of performances and its FNC Lab symposium (October 17) with the presence of Alexandre Larose (discussing the creation process of his film Ville Marie), Kevin Jerome Everson (who will also screen his latest feature film Erie), Marie Losier and Chris Salter (artist and researcher).